Love Lost, Love Found

Short Story

Mary was only a year younger than me. We met at a friends birthday party in my sophomore year. I instantly had a crush on the girl with short blond pigtails and braces. Mary had a soft voice and was hard to hear while in the party so we sat outside by the rivers edge and talked.  
Mary’s mother picked her up a little before the party officially ended and I didn’t see her again for four years ironically it was at another party.

Mary had grown up and filled out a lot over the last four years and I almost didn’t recognize her when I first saw her. The party was a graduation party for one of my ex-girlfriends named Shannon, we had remained friends but once I got to the party I realized I was only invited so she could make me jealous.  Shannon kept her new boyfriend attached to her by the elbow at all times and introduced him to me as “My new boyfriend Brent, he is a Sophomore in college.”

I laughed at the introduction and shook his hand as I remembered filling Shannon’s mouth with my cum a few months earlier. I broke up with Shannon because she constantly talked about her ex-boyfriends and how they could make her cum by doing various things to her body. Now if Shannon was so desperate to make me jealous she must be doing the same thing with Brent explaining the details of how I got her off to him every night.

I found the kitchen and saw a dark blue mini skirt first. Short blond hair was tucked behind her ears led down a thin neck to bare shoulders under a very tight  hot pink tank top that showed a very revealing mid drift. Her legs were smooth thin and long with bare feet. Stunned by the gorgeous girl, I stared feeling my penis tingle and begin to grow. Another boy from the party slammed into my right shoulder bringing us both back to reality as he too had been stunned by the girl in the mini skirt.

The soft voice sounded so familiar that I blurted out without thinking, “Marry?”

The beautiful girl turned to look at me her face was long and full with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones. It was Marry but an older way more sexually mature Marry, she wore thick black eyeliner that gave a sexy deviant look to her colorless eyes. Her lips were bright red and smiled wide after examining me for a few moments.

“Justin!” Mary shouted before leaping into my arms for a tight hug. The boy who had run into me moments earlier ran from the kitchen sporting bulging wood in his shorts.

“I can’t believe you are here,” Marry said taking a few steps back to look at me again. Mary’s frontal view was as sexy as her back. The hot pink tee shirt was cut short revealing the lower half of her large firm breast and her abs were so well toned she had the shadow of a six pack.

“I can’t believe you are here either. You look amazing.” I said while trying to delay the growing hard on in my own shorts. “I tried to get in touch with you after that birthday party but they said you moved like a week later.”

“Yeah, dad is a marine and we were shipped out to Florida the next week.” Mary’s face dropped into shadow as she recalled the move. “I tried to find you about a year ago when mom and I moved back to town but couldn’t remember your last name.”

Mary and I poured two strong drinks from the kitchen counter and made our way outside like we did all those years ago. There was no river or dock this time just an over-crowded swimming pool but we managed to find two chairs at a far corner with a stone table between them.

“So how do you know Shannon?” I asked taking a large gulp of the burning brown liquid to calm my nerves.

“Shannon? No, I know Brent,” Mary’s eyes darkened at the mention of his name. “That ass hole invited me to this party to make me jealous. He told me it was just a normal party, though he was going to…”

“Apparently they are both fuck tards then.”

“Both?” Mary asked after draining the cup in one go.

“Yeah, Shannon is my ex and it was apparent when I got here she was just trying to make me jealous.”

“Is it working?”

“Not anymore, I just ran into the girl I’ve been in love with for the last four years,” I said with the unmistakable influence of the alcohol before unwisely emptying my own cup.

Mary didn’t make any comments she just lowered her face and bit her bottom lip in that cute way I remembered from years earlier. I could easily imagine the glint of braces and two pigtails. The burning feeling in my crotch that started when I first saw Mary in the blue skirt was now spreading up my torso and down my legs with the aid of the inhibition inhibiting alcohol, and from the look on Mary’s face it was also working on her. The gravity of our two bodies seemed to increase exponentially as we stared into each other’s eyes. When the wave of heat hit my brain I couldn’t resist anymore, lunging at the bright red lips. Mary responded with more force catching me in the middle and carrying me backward over the chair and into the freshly mowed grass of the yard. A distant cat call momentarily broke the passionate moment and then faded into the white noise of pounding blood.

Mary had been my desire for years that I couldn’t accept the reality of the moment and instead let my imagination carry me further away into fantasy. My right hand found the back of Mary’s head and I laced my fingers into her hair pulling her lips lighter to mine as our tongues fought to increase the others pleasure. Fire erupted between our bodies and I felt Mary’s hands sliding over my body pulling at my belt first and then tugging my shirt up my chest. My free hand found the edge of her skirt and pushed them down as I groped the round ass cheek below. My erection ached with the painful pulsing of blood begging for attention, never before had I received such a hard erection. Sure I’d had sex many times before but something was different tonight with Mary. When Mary’s finger pushed the zipper down on my shorts and rubbed not to gently the length of my erection I screamed a moan of pleasure to the night ignoring the situation and place we were in. The party had faded away into a long forgotten dream replaced only by a pure sexual passion for this bombshell girl. If this was a dream I never wanted to wake up again.

Mary’s hair was falling free from her ears and becoming wild, the change made her sexier like a wild majestic cat so I pulled her into my lips again before tugging the hot pink tank top over her head tossing it carelessly aside. Mary’s breasts were revealed to the world in there perfect glory firm with large areolas and hard pencil like nipples. I released her neck and pulled both of the amazing tits towards my mouth squeezing, licking and sucking. Now it was Mary’s turn to scream out in pleasure and I felt wetness spread over my cock soaking into my boxers only then did I realize the pleasure that was racing from my throbbing erection was Mary grinding her wet pussy into my hard on. Mary was naked on top of me and had done her best to pull my clothes free but failed with me still laying on them. I kicked off my shoes and leaned into Mary’s chest still kissing at her exposed breasts as she pulled my t-shirt away.

Mary kissed my lips again in a sweet loving kiss before pulling her body away from mine. My passion and lust for the girl exploded inside me and I longed for her to return to my touch. The effects of the alcohol still dulled my thoughts but the faces of the many onlookers came into focus for the briefest of moments. Many were smiling, clapping, screaming and even a few were masturbating to the show. It was all still white noise in my ears as the thundering of my own heart prevented me from distinguishing any of it. Mary’s hand tugged hard on my shorts and boxers and in one swift movement pulled them free of my legs tossing them wildly into the crowd. My briefest of concerns of being nude on the grass of my ex-girlfriends yard surrounded by hundreds of faces watching me faded quickly when Mary’s firm tender hands touched my inner thighs.

The heat and passion returned my focus to the beautiful girl before me and reality faded back into the fantasy that was Mary and me. I watched the sexy girl reach between her legs to rub her pussy retrieving a large amount of her own cum that she used to lubricate my cock as she stroked.

As Mary’s had stroked my long shaft I found my voice escaping once again without my control, “Oh god Mary that feels so good!”

Mary licked her smile and said, “I had no idea you would be so big, I hope I can fit it all inside.”

Inside. Inside? Inside! My mind boiled with the excitement of what many variations of inside might mean before my lust exploded with renewed vigor. Mary was stroking my cock but I wanted more, not just to feel my pleasure but to also feel hers. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but when I stood up Mary’s thighs were resting on my shoulders with her dripping wet pussy inches from my nose. I didn’t usually eat girls out preferring to finger fuck them into orgasms but Mary was different from any other. The smell of her cum and wet pussy was intoxicating, driving me mad with lust. I licked the wet slit from bottom to top or from her top to bottom creating the screeching moan I longed to hear from Mary’s lips. She still stroked my cock and though I couldn’t see her I imagined her short hair dangling down as she stroked my large hard cock along the side of her face. Licking and sucking on the tender flesh soon brought another gentle wave of Mary’s fresh cum spilling over my chin and into the crease of our bodies pressed together. This time, Mary’s moans were muffled as she pulled the head of my cock into her mouth starting to suck and lick further and further down on my hard shaft. My arms were wrapped tightly around Mary’s waist holding her in the vertical sixty-nine. The pleasure and time began to weaken my legs and arms. I felt added pressure from Mary’s mouth as she took me deeper into her throat than she had and wondered for a moment where it had come from. My question was soon answered when the feel of many hands began to touch my own flesh fondling my balls and pushing the back of my head further into the pleasure between Mary’s legs. The many lust filled onlookers had begun to participate in Mary and Is’ pleasure. Feelings of excitement, anger, passion, and fear tore at me while the many hands caressed groped and pinched at mine and Mary’s body. I tried to break away and couldn’t as the crowd pressed in tightly. Mary’s lips and tongue gave me no sense of panic from her as she continued to pleasure my shaft with amazing ferocity. I, however, felt the oxygen getting thin and my knees released on there own. I fell through the wave of hands being passed from set to set until I was laying comfortably on a pile of towels. Mary’s grip on my legs released and she continued the sucking of my cock while stroking the shaft with one hand and massaging my ball with the other. The many hands receded with final tweaks of my nipples and a hard slap to Mary’s left butt cheek.

I flicked my tongue for a final time releasing the torrent of Mary’s cum that came with each orgasm. Each time the girl spasmed on my tongue was stronger and responded with larger amounts of cum splashing into my mouth and over my face, chin, neck, and chest. I don’t know how long we were held in that pleasure cycle, what I did know was that my pleasure couldn’t be held back anymore, Mary’s blowjob was far too amazing to resist any longer. I cried out from between Mary’s legs, “I’m cumming!” Unsure as to what Mary would do with that information. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt Mary’s head drop deep over my cock pressing the head of my dick against the back of her throat moaning and vibrating the orgasm from my cock. The cum exploded from my cock shooting hard against the back of Mary’s throat. I heard her choke and gag at the first and second shots of cum until she was forced to pull away keeping just the tip of my cock between her lips. The next few loads of cum filled Mary’s mouth despite her desperate attempts to swallow it all if anything the sucking created by her swallowing forced, even more, cum from my cock into her mouth. Mary’s mouth overflowed with cum dripping from the red lips over my stiff shaft and down her chin. When I was spent my head hit the towels and I gave a final loud moan.

The thunder of my heart beat faded slightly in my ears and the cheers and clapping of the on looking crowd began to sound like distant whispering. I knew they were there now, the mind-numbing effects of alcohol nearly gone from my brain but I was still solely focused on Mary’s beautiful body as it flexed folded and twisted off of me to rest sitting next to me on the towels, she smiled at me with cum covered lips and a deep look of satisfaction on her face.

I sat up and took Mary’s left breast into my right hand as I began to kiss and suck on her right shoulder up her neck.

“That was amazing!” Mary said in a sexual moan.

I pulled away from Mary’s neck and looked into her sexy colorless eyes, it was like looking perfection in the face, “What do you mean was? I’m not done with you yet?” Then sliding my free hand behind her neck and lacing my fingers into her hair again I pulled her lips to mine. The sweet salty taste of my cum assaulted my tongue with renewed fire and passion. My erection never faded from exploding loads of cum into Mary’s mouth and so I swung her onto my lap positioning her over my still wet throbbing dick. Mary couldn’t speak but her moans of shock and surprise were accompanied by wild flailing of her arms. The cum on hers and my faces mixed attempting to glue us together. I left Mary’s sweet lips kissing and sucking down her beautiful jaw and neck. The protesting moans and flailing arms returned to passionate caressing and cries of extasy. Marys left hand gripped the back of my head as her right held tight to my left bicep. When the tip of my hard cock touched the wet slit of Mary’s pussy she released a sigh of relief as would a person dying of thirst getting a drink of cool water. Mary relaxed her legs sliding further down my penis. Her cock was tight, wet and burning hot. When her ass came to rest on my hips I could feel the head of my cock pressed hard against the bottom of her channel and she screamed and wild guttural scream of pleasure, pain, and passion. The world once again faded into the sexual passion that was Mary and me, the extended fantasy developing us and hiding our minds from anything but the pleasure of each other’s bodies.

Mary rose up and down flexing her long slender legs and repeatedly impaled herself on my hard cock. I explored her incredible body with my hands, squeezing and groping her breasts and ass. I caressed, kissed, and sucked on every inch of her I could reach until my fingers found the soft wet bundle of flesh at the top of her pussy. My first touch made Mary scream with another countless orgasm. I rubbed the pleasure button as she drove herself down on my cock, drawing increasingly powerful cries of pleasure from the lips of the most amazing girl I’d ever met. The firm perky tits bounced pleasantly in front of my face still glistening with my saliva and mixture of cum. I wanted everything this amazing girl had to offer and soon was running her through every sex position I could remember. I started with doggie style my hips slapping against her nice round ass, then passionately kissing her neck as I pumped my dick in and out of her burning hot pussy in the missionary position.

Every cry of pleasure from Mary signaled a new change in position until I lifted her up for her to wrap her legs around my waste. She pressed her feet into my but cheeks to achieve enough lift to slide herself up and down the now dripping wet shaft of my cock. I kissed this girl with every ounce of passion and felt her final orgasm growing to excess with my own.

Mary must have sensed my hesitation at cumming inside her and pulled free of my lips just long enough to scream, “Don’t stop whatever you do don’t pull out!”

I climaxed as she did, Mary’s feet slipped free driving herself fully down on my hard shaft, I could feel her pussy tighten vice like on my cock drawing out stream after stream of hot cum. I filled her pussy with my hot sticky seed but the orgasm never seemed to stop. My testicles were emptied of every drop of cum and our bodies continued responding to each other by continuing the pleasure. My knees began to weaken as the last spasms faded. Mary pulled free of my lips and smiled a wide pleased smile, I held her for another moment to savor her body still held tightly against mine, my cock still deep inside the pussy that was dripping with my hot sticky cum.

Forceful hands contacted my left shoulder and I was suddenly air born falling sideways. A blistering rush swallowed every nerve in my body as I sank into icy depths. The sudden removal of oxygen nearly forced a panic breath. Mary’s head soon emerged from the pools water beside me and I looked up to see Shannon’s face contorted in rage screaming at me.

“Ruined my party, with this slut, you ass hole.” The rest of Shannon’s rant was incoherent as she left for the house dragging Brent by his left wrist behind her. Brent’s face stayed looking back at the pool with a mixture of, panic, confusion, sadness, and terror. The many other guests were gathering up there things and heading toward the exit obviously accepting the fact the party was over. Several couples were left fucking in the grass or behind a bush but soon finished with grunts of orgasms.

Mary’s laugh at the look on Brent’s face brought my attention back to her. She was wet, having been just dunked in the pool, the dark makeup around her eyes stayed fixed but the red lips were back to Mary’s natural rosy color. The short blond hair hung down in string clusters dripping water back into the pool. She looked even sexier naked and wet.

“Can I give you a ride home?” I asked.

Mary smiled and nodded with that cute innocent girl nod. It was amazing how she could be both the cute girl next door and the hot sexy goddess at the same time. We climbed out of the pool and attempted to find our clothes. Mary’s hot pink tank top was lost or stolen and my cum soaked boxers were also missing. I put my shorts on commando and gave Mary my t-shirt to wear.

“So does this mean you are my boyfriend?” Mary asked signing the back of my hand with her phone number.

“I’ll be anything you want.”

“Oh, role playing! Kinky!” Mary said before kissing my cheek and leaning in close to my ear to whisper. “I’ll see you tomorrow lover, I love you too.”

The whispered words caused another immediate orgasm inside me. If I had any cum left in me I would have jizzed the inside of my shorts. I watched Mary until she disappeared behind the front door of her house appreciating every step she took walking away. I was the luckiest guy in the world but the drive home was a mixture of elation and dread. Shannon would want payback for what happened at her party. Even though we were broken up and she was dating Brent I knew she still wouldn’t let it go.

First Black

Short Story

I’m 19, 5ft 10 and 112 pounds, white South African, Dutch decent, my parents moved us to the U.S. when I was three.  I work part time in a shop and I am an aspiring model.  I have an agent for booking modeling jobs and so far I have worked with 5 photographers and done shoots for local stores and shows but nothing really special, this is the story of my first ‘unofficial’ assignment.

The last ‘official’ shoot I did was for a motorcycle magazine, a couple of weeks later that photographer phoned me and said he had a private commission so no need to tell my agent.  A client was interested in me doing some work, “he wants nude shots, I know you say no nudes but he’ll pay double for a test shoot, if that’s okay and he’ll pay double again for a full set.”

I told him I’d have to talk to my boyfriend about it and that I’d get back to him.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing nude, my body is ok but I’m too slim, not skinny but tall and slender that doesn’t have the shape for nude photography.  My boyfriend tells me I have a great body but I know he’s biased.  I didn’t want to do it and I thought that my boyfriend would feel the same way.

Just like I thought, my boyfriend didn’t want me to but an hour later when the landlord came round threatening eviction if we didn’t pay up by the end of the week we realized how badly we needed money.  We owed some back rent, if we didn’t pay by Friday we’d be on the street.  It was the only way we could get the cash in time.

At the studio I was paid up front, in cash thank God, then Dave, the photographer poured me a Bakers, there was a lot of it and it was strong but I needed something to quiet my nerves.  He asked me to dress in a sarong and a pair high heel platforms.  With those shoes I must have stood about 6ft 4 or 5 and the sarong was very flimsy and almost see-through and more revealing than if I’d been naked.

Dave then asked me to put a towel over my shoulders while Jalen touched up my makeup.  I’ve never been so close to a black man since leaving Bloemfontein sixteen years ago.  My parents left their homeland because of the apartheid laws, Papa was a judge there and they’d always had two or three black servants and the new laws were stifling their way of life.  Personally I don’t think I’m racist or bigoted, I’ve been out with an Indian guy and have Asian friends, I just never met any black people.  Some of my parent’s attitude must have rubbed off on me though because I felt really wound up and uncomfortable at his proximity to me.

On the set Dave’s assistant was black too, he looked quite a bit older than Jalen with some gray in his tight curly hair, he fussed about with the lights and the backdrop while Dave fiddled with his cameras.

I felt very self-conscious with two black men lurking in the background while Dave clicked away and directed me. I was so embarrassed when then Dave asked me to slip the sarong off.  He photographed as it floated to the floor, I stood naked with two black men in the room.  I was upset that I’d began to imagine them ravaging me, horror of horrors I felt my nipples begin to stiffen.  Dave noticed because he asked if I was too cold but he kept on clicking.

Thank the Lord, another 10 minutes and it was over.  The relief flooded through me as I covered myself with the sarong for all the protection it gave.  Dave said he’d send the proofs directly to the client and did I want to wait until he replied?  I waited.

“He likes them.  He’d like to see more though, double pay again, that’s four times what you usually get.  He’d like to see you with Pete and Jalen if that’s ok with you.  Don’t look so shocked, he’s a private client so the work won’t be published.”

OMG.  What was I supposed to do, the money would clear our debts and keep us going for a couple of weeks too.  But black men, so close to black men, two black men together, I was petrified, I wasn’t sure if I could work with black men.

I was handed a second wad of cash, I wore the sarong and platforms.  
They appeared in full football gear including helmet and spiked shoes.  
It started with Jalen kneeling at my side, I was sitting on a high back wooded chair and Peter the assistant stood behind, a hand on each of my shoulders.

My heart was pounding, my stomach felt like I’d vomited myself dry.  
Over the next half an hour Jalen undressed so that to my terror he was naked.  I know Peter had also removed some clothing behind me and now they were so close I could smell them.  For the life of me I don’t know why but my eyes kept turning to Jalen’s prong.  Ok, I do know why, he was naked, I’ve never seen a naked black before and I realized that I was comparing him to my boyfriend.  Jalen was bigger by an inch or more and he was fully hard with a much nicer shape to him.  I noticed he’d been circumcised and that’s what appealed to me. Dave was photographing me looking at that dick.

Dave asked me to stand and then asked Pete to slip the sarong off of me.  Oh sweet Jesus what was I going to do now.  My legs shook as the silky, skimpy material floated to the floor.

Pete sat on the chair and pulled me to sit on his knee, he was still wearing his tee shirt and shoulder pads but otherwise he was naked.  I sat on Peter’s naked thighs, his warmth touching of our naked flesh frightened me, he pulled me back and he was so embarrassingly erect that I could feel his hardness.  Jalen knelt in front of me his head on my thigh.  The camera clicked.  Jalen kissed my thigh and placed a hand on my knee, my legs were eased apart, still the camera clicked.  

I should be screaming blue murder but I guess the drink was even stronger than I thought.  It was going way beyond nude but I was too astounded to object, too anxious to speak.  Peter’s hand covered one of my breasts and he began to nibble my ear.  The smell of him was warm and sensual.  His fingers tightened on the nipple and he rolled and tugged.  I felt his stiffness flex at my back, the camera clicked and clicked.

Jalen’s head was in between my legs and his probing tongue was opening me, darting into me.  Oh fuck, what am doing, what am I going to tell my boyfriend?  He’ll leave me for sure if he finds out.  What am I going to tell my parents?  They’d disown me if they knew I’d been intimate with a black man, never mind two at once.  What was I doing?  I was petrified but feeling so much more alive than I’ve ever felt before.

Jalen lifted his head and shuffled forward between my legs, his fingers exploring my new wetness.  He moved closer and his hard black penis began to enter me.  Oh Jesus he’s going to fuck me.  He slipped into me and I gasped, he was bigger, thicker than I’ve ever felt and before I knew it his penis was deep inside me and I could feet the coarseness of his tight curled pubic hair brushing my tender shaved mound. Dave kept saying look at the camera, smile, happy thoughts, look at the camera.

He came, squirted inside me, I know he did, he pulled himself into me and I felt the pulsing.  I was astounded when I realized he was not wearing a rubber.  Was he clean? I prayed to God that he wasn’t diseased.  Too late I hammered on his shoulders and tried to push him away, Peter grabbed my wrists so I couldn’t resist.  Jalen continued to fuck me, his hips swinging back and forth.  The sensation of his prong inside of me changed as his semen flowed down and coated him.  My boyfriends, my previous boyfriends always stopped after they had cum, not Jalen, maybe 20 minutes later, and that seemed like forever, he came again and when he pulled out I felt a hot gush of his liquid leaking out of me.

I was ruined, I’d been fucked by a black man, I’d got a black mans cream inside of me and my thighs and sex was slick with his semen.  Back in SA there are names for girls like that.  I was horrified, I needed to get to a clinic, needed testing for disease and I was ashamed of myself for letting it go so far but it was not finished yet.

Dave was still clicking the camera. Jalen stood, lifted me off Peter and lowered me to lie on the floor.  Peter knelt between my legs and I saw his dick for the first time, he was huge, bigger than Jalen by inches and so very thick, he’s never going to get that inside me.  He lifted my knees, he dropped and his dick was ploughing me.  I though Jalen was big, I screamed as his thick, thick shaft tore into me and spit me in two, and he didn’t stop.  Again I screamed when he hit rock bottom and he didn’t stop.  My God I was being torn apart, I tried in anguished terror to push him away but he was too heavy.  Within moments he bottomed out and I’ve never felt such intense pain, my vagina ripping, stretched tightly around him and tearing with his thickness, a deep, enraged pains in my stomach exploded into my chest and across my back and blossomed along my thighs.  I’d been kicked in the kidneys and my spine felt like a lump of led had been thrown at it, from inside.

I was full of him, full to bursting and the deep angry pain grew even more as he began to ride me.  Each pull became a relief, a small heaven, an island of refuge and hope as the pressure inside diminished and each push was an agony, a living hell, a wish for death and he seemed to get deeper with each thrust.

Then Jalen was by my side pushing his hard dick at my screaming mouth.  
Will this torment ever end.  His hardness pushed between my lips and he forced that stiffness into my mouth.  I could smell man, exactly how I expected a black man to smell, strong, pungent but it was strange, I liked it, the overpowering musk excited me but the pain of the thrusting below overrode all else.

I felt warmth rising in my belly, maybe the thrusting was not so painful.  I gagged because Jalen had pushed his penis deeper into my mouth, into my throat and he really began to fuck my mouth, fuck my throat.  Tears streamed from my eyes and I gasped for breath every time he pushed I believed I’d choke, I coughed and spluttered and still I was fucked in the mouth and cunt.

I was coming to like the feel of that big thick dick pounding me, not the throat but below, it was still painful but with a pain that I could get used to a pain that hurt nicely.

Pete rolled, pulling me on top of him, his dick still stretch me too much and he was still much to deep inside me but I found I could control his depth a little.  If he pushed into me too hard I rose with him so he couldn’t get so deep and hurt me so much and the pain became a good pain.

During the roll Jalen had slipped from my mouth and now I felt his hands on my waste.  His fingers moved and I could feel him prodding my ass, then pain again, he was violating my ass.  He was pushing his dick into my ass, Jesus Christ it hurt, an agonizing pain, too painful to yell or scream, my breathing stopped.  I’ve not done this before and it hurt badly, unbearably.  I knew it was done, my boyfriend had asked me a couple of times, he’d even tried to push his dick into my ass once, he’s never done it since.  My God this black dick was inside my ass and fucking it.

I came so hard, with two men inside me I came like I’d never cum before, over and over I came.  I reached a plateau close to heaven and hovered there until I couldn’t take any more.  As I began to ease of Pete to lift myself to crawl away he grabbed my waist and held me there with his dick still inside me.  He redoubled his jerking, pulling me tight onto him, his thick, hard dick so deep inside me pounding, pounding then he stopped and jerked up into me.  My stretched vagina pulsed and throbbed as I came again while he ejaculated and gasped and sighed.  Only moments later while Pete was still holding me to him Jalen came, he pulled his dick from my ass and squirted his seed at the hole he’d left.

Jalen moved away and Dave moved closer with his camera and clicked and clicked at my ass dripping with black mans semen, then Pete lifted me off him and I felt his long hardness emptying from me, I felt hollow.  
The camera clicked as Peter’s dick fell from me, a second later his semen began to ooze from me, click, click, click.

I couldn’t move, my legs were weak and trembling and it was a while before I managed to get to the WC, I cleaned up as best I could with tissue and got dressed.

I felt disgusted for letting such a thing to happen, dirty, abused and I wanted to wash the filth away but deep down I also felt a satisfaction I’d never felt before.  Dave asked me if I’d do another session sometime if the client wanted me to and although I felt so dirty I said that I probably would.

When I arrived home I felt wet, sloppy and soaking again, with too much black mans semen leaking between my legs again and urgently needed the shower.

My boyfriend had other ideas, he’d finished work a few hours before and he’d downed a few cans while waiting for me.  He was drunk and wanted sex.  "I’ve been thinking of you posing nude and it makes me hard, we gotta fuck, I just gotta.“  He took my hand and led me into the bedroom.  Both still dressed he pulled his zipper and flipped his dick from his jeans, eased my sodden panties aside without comment and slipped his dick into me.  Slipped? Wrong word, he fell into me and he stopped.  He knew, I was so wet and open that he must guess I’d been with other men and had other men cum inside me but all he said was "posing nude must agree with you” and he started to fuck me just like he always does.          

The Summer of 16

Short Story

I had just finished playing my first game of the new baseball season. I was 16 years and 3 weeks old to the day. I played second base on my AAA team. We won the game and I went ¾ with a double and a triple. Each inning as I ran back to the dugout from second I kept catching this cute girl checking me out.

After the game the coach was giving us the usual post-game pep talk. I had pretty much tuned him out because this girl was now behind our dugout looking at me. When the coach was done I collected my gear and approached the girl.

“Nice game.” she said.

“Thank you.”

I couldn’t think of what to say or do next.

“You can really hit the ball.”


We stood there looking at each other for a few moments.

“I haven’t seen you before.  Are you from around here?” I asked.

“We just moved here.  My Dad’s in the Marines and we move lots.”

“That must be tough.”

“I get by.  We’ve been here three days and you’re the first person I’ve talked to.”

I felt a warm glow erupt inside me.  I was her first contact in a foreign land.  This MUST mean something.  Now I had some composure and I felt confident.

“My name’s Rick.”

“Hi.  I’m Shelley.”

“You wanna get a slurpee, Shelley?  My treat.” I asked.

She smiled.  Damn!  What a smile.

“Sure.  I’d like that.”

It was about a 5 block walk to 7-11.  Along the way I would occasionally slip a step or two behind her – totally by accident of course.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  She was about 5’3” (I was 5’10”) and shoulder length brunette hair.  She was wearing a white halter top and a pair of pretty tight shorts (not quite Daisy Dukes, but pretty damn tight).  
Her ass filled them perfectly; it was like 2 perfect half moons that wiggled just right as she walked.

When we arrived at our destination I, being the ever-perfect gentleman, moved ahead and opened the door.  As she passed I got the full view of the rest of her body.  I was NOT disappointed.  Her breasts were shaped just right – not huge, but big enough compared to the rest of her that they really stood out.  As she passed her eyes connected with mine and light up with a sparkle that I can’t even BEGIN to describe.  I felt my knees giving way, but was able to remain standing.  I’m very glad I was wearing my jock-strap because my hard-on would have been obvious to the WHOLE WORLD in my tight baseball pants.

I bought us a pair of coke slurpees and we went to the benches in the nearby park.  We sat and talked for what seemed like eternity; talking about everything that came to mind.  It turned out her Dad was actually in special ops in the Marines and he bounced from base to base.  I also learned that she only lived about a block and a half away from me.

I glanced at my watch and realized we had been sitting there for almost two hours.  Shelley said she needed to be getting back home so we made plans to meet at the benches again tomorrow afternoon and I walked her home.  When we got to her place I didn’t know what to do.

‘Should I kiss her or not?’ I asked myself.  I weighed the options and then decided the best thing to do was to ask her.

“I can’t tell you how much fun I had meeting you and talking, Shelley.”

“I had fun too, Rick”

“Would you mind if I gave you a kiss?”

Shelley looked at her door and back at me a few times.

“I don’t think you should.  If my Dad saw I don’t even want to THINK about what he might do.”

“Oh yeah.  He’s trained to KILL people, right?”  And with that I offered her a handshake.

Shelley giggled and gave me a very quick peck on the cheek

“See you tomorrow, Rick.”


I floated home and when I got there my cock was STILL rock hard so I went up to my room, took off my uniform, got out my supply of magazines (I started collecting porn magazines when I was 13) and jerked myself off in about 5 seconds.  That night I had great difficulty sleeping and the following morning seemed as if in took 2 years to pass. Finally 2:00 came and I went to meet Shelley.

We met at the benches by 7-11 and she was there wearing a similar outfit as the previous day.  Damn I love summer!  Again we talked for hours and when it came time I walked her home.

Just as we were walking up her front walk around the corner of her house came her Dad.  I nearly shit myself. He was about 6’6", 250 and HUGE. He had a crew cut and LOOKED like special ops.  Rambo was nothing compared to this guy.

“Dad, this is Rick.  I met him yesterday and we spent hours talking the last few days.”

I felt like adding “JUST TALKING, SIR”, but felt it best to remain mute.

He extended his hand to me.

“I’m very glad that Shelley has met someone.  I think it’s tough for her moving from place to place and I’m always happy when she makes friends in the new city.”

“I saw him play baseball yesterday; Dad and you should have seen him.  
He plays second base and he was the best player out there.  He got 2 big hits.”

“I’m impressed.  I played second when I was young, too.  Your stock just went up a point or two, Rick.  You’re okay.”

Finally I began to breathe again and he went into the backyard.  We sat on the barco lounger and after a few minutes Shelley gave me a big kiss on my mouth. This was my first kiss ever but still I pulled back in fear.

“Wait!  Your Dad.  He’ll kill me.”

“It’s fine. He said you’re okay.  Okay with him is good.”

We sat and talked for about an hour.  We had 3 more kisses and every time I was careful to be sure no one saw us.  Shelley said it was okay, but I was taking NO chances.  Shelley kissed well.  As I left, we made plans to go to a movie then following night.

I picked her up at 6:30 and we went to see the new James Bond flick, ‘Octopussy’.  Throughout the movie we held hands and Shelley snuggled into my chest. When the movie ended Shelley looked up at me and we kissed as the credits rolled.  People were exiting the theatre and as they walked down the aisle I’m sure they were looking at us but we didn’t care.  These kissed were very different that the ones we had shared in her back yard.  I wasn’t worried about being killed.  We were kissing passionately.  Our tongues were involved today.  This was right.  Unfortunately the credits eventually ended and so did our kiss.

“Whatcha want to do now?’ asked Shelley.

“What do I WANT to do or what do I HAVE to do?”

Shelley smiled.  “Let’s hear the want first.”

“I WANT the credits to start again.” I said laughing with a sly grin.

“Now let’s hear the HAVE to.”

“My parents went out for the night and they made me promise to be home my 10:00 and it’s already 9:35.  I’d love to go sit on the bench and talk for a while but it’d be almost 10 by the time we got there.”

We were outside the theatre and walking toward the bus stop, holding hands and gazing into each others eyes from time to time.  We got to the bus stop and sat down to wait.  Shelley looked into my eyes and we stared at each other.  Eventually she spoke.

“I don’t have to be home until 11.  Could I come over?”

I’d thought of this option but didn’t want to ask for fear that it might scare Shelley.

“I’d love it if you came over.  Are you sure you’re okay with that?”

“I trust you, Rick.  I feel very safe with you.  There’s nothing I’d rather do more.”

We got back to my place at about 9:55 and when I opened the door we were greeted by Roxie, my pet Schnauzer. We played with Roxie a bit and then went up to the family room to settle down and watch some TV. When we were snuggled together on the couch we began to kiss.  Shelley was a great kisser.  Her lips were soft and luscious and what she did with her tongue sent shivers up my spine.  Sitting here with Shelley was the best thing I had ever done.  But it got better.

As we kissed, my hands began to roam.  I stroked and caressed her back and ass.  Her ass felt even better than it looked.  From there my hand traveled up her torso and settled on her chest.  Breasts felt better than I had ever imagined.  I squeezed and kneaded her breasts until she pulled away from me.

“I’m sorry, Shell…” I began but was silenced by her index finger on my lips.

Shelley took hold of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head.  I was dumbfounded.  I wanted to reach out and grab them but was unable to move.  Then Shelley reached behind her back and unclasped her bra.  It fell to the floor and I sat there looking at her like a deer caught in headlights.

Shelley snuggled back up to me and kissed my awe-struck mouth.  After I arrived back on planet Earth my hands ventured back to her breasts.  If I thought they felt good before it was NOTHING compared to now.  Her nipples were hard as rocks and felt incredible when my palm would slide over them.  Still we kissed.

I wanted to feel my chest on hers so I pulled off my t-shirt as well.  
When her skin touched mine it almost burned.  We were so into each other.  My mouth ventured down and began to kiss and suck Shelley’s rock hard nipples.  She moaned.  I think I did, too.  As I sucked her nipples Shelley would run her hands through my hair.  I loved it.  When we’d had enough I moved back up and we kissed some more.

Then I felt Shelley’s hand on my pants.  She was rubbing my leg, edging higher.  I had never even DREAMED of anything like this before.  Soon she was rubbing my cock through my pants.

“I’ve never done this before,” she panted.

“Me neither.”

“I mean I’ve kissed a boy before, but I’ve never done THIS.”

I didn’t know what she meant by THIS.

“What do you mean?”

Shelley looked at me hesitantly.

“I want to make love, Rick.  Don’t you?”

My heart skipped a beat or 10.

“Make love?  Oh god,” was all I could muster and I kissed her harder than I ever had before.

Shelley unzipped my pants and stuck her hand inside.  When her hand touched my cock I was in heaven.

“Ooooooh yeah,” I moaned.  Shelley smiled as she squeezed my cock.  She finished undoing my pants and pulled my dick out.

“I’ve never seen one before.  It’s beautiful,” she cooed.

Shelley continued to squeeze and stroke it while kissing me.  Her kisses ran down my chest to my mid-section.  She lifted her head and just stared at my rigid cock.  I could feel her breath as she panted on my dick.

“It’s amazing.  The way it moves and twitches.  When you breathe in it moves up a bit.”

Then IT happened.  Shelley opened her mouth and descended upon my waiting cock.  As she closed her lips around it she let out a low moan. She moved her head up and down on my excited friend and it was a great many seconds before I moaned and shot my load into her mouth.  Shelley swallowed it without missing a drop.  After her snack she snuggled her face into my heaving chest.  Now I stroked HER hair.  We lay like that until I could talk again.

“That was your FIRST time doing that?” I asked.

“Yeah.  Was it good?”

“You could go pro,” I chuckled.  “How’d you get so good?”

Shelley looked at me for a minute or so before answering.

“My Dad subscribes to Penthouse and I like to sneak it when he’s not home and read it.  There’s this column called Penthouse Forum and it’s got stories in it.  I love reading it and I guess I’ve learned that way.”

Now it was MY turn to stare.  Finally I spoke.

“My Dad subscribes, too.  I LOVE Forum.  Reading that’s my favorite pass-time.”

We laughed and kissed some more.

“Did you read the one from last month called ‘My First 69’?” Shelley asked.

I looked up at her and recited the entire first paragraph to her verbatim.  We laughed and I moved in to kiss her again when she let out a shriek so loud and high-pitched that I envisioned every dog within a 5 block radius was running to my house.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s 11:25!  My Dad’s going to KILL me!”

“Oh fuck!  Your Dad!”  I exclaimed thinking we had ruined a good thing just as it was getting started.

We were dressed within seconds and out the door in full sprint. We were running so fast, Olympic officials would have tested us for banned substances for sure.  When we got to her house the place was dark except for the living room light.  Sitting, looking out the window I could see her Dad.

“You go back home, Rick.  I’ll handle my Dad.  No reason for BOTH of us to die,” Shelley said with a small smirk

“No.  I can’t do that.  I’m here for you.  We’ll face the music together or firing squad as the case may be.”

As soon as we opened the door her Dad was there.  He stood directly in front of me looking down into my eyes.  I accepted the stony glare and opened my mouth to offer my apologies, but before I could formulate a word the barrage was upon us.

“Where have you been?  I told you to be home at 11:00 and here it is after 11:30.”

Shelley and I looked at each other unsure of what to say.  We had not rehearsed anything.

“Dad, we were in the park talking and lost track of time.”

Before she was finished the sentence I could see a look of disbelief of her father’s face.

“Sir, it’s my fault.  I invited Shelley back to my house after the movie.  My parents are out for the evening and Shelley told me she had to be home by 11:00.  I promised her that I’d watch the time and I didn’t.  It’s all my fault.”

He looked at me with an icy look.

“And what were you two doing alone at your house.”

I froze. There was no way out of this.

“You don’t want me to answer that, sir.“

Shelley couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.  She was silent in shock.

"You’re right. I don’t want to know.” he answered. “Shelley, go up to your room.”

It was just her Dad and me – no witnesses. I was scared SHITLESS. He motioned for me to sit on the couch.  I did but he remained on his feet.

“You’ve got SOME guts to tell me that straight up.”

‘Well,’ I thought, ‘there could be worse sentences for one to hear at the end of one’s life.’

“I don’t like to think about what you were doing but I DO respect you for your guts. Did you use protection?”

Even my OWN father wouldn’t have asked me this.

“Uh… uh… we didn’t do THAT, sir. We only…”

“Stop! I heard the only words I wanted to hear,” he said and then paused.  I sat there in my own sweat.  “If you tell my daughter you’ll be responsible, you remember in the future – DO IT. You can go home. Thank you for your honesty.”

When I shut the door I felt like a man on death row who just got the call from the governor.

I don’t remember walking home, but I DO remember opening the door. MY Dad stood there with smoke coming out of his ears.

"I told you to be home by 10:00. We get home at 11:50, you’re not here and the front door is unlocked. Care to explain?”

‘Oh shit,’ I thought.  ‘Here we go again.’

“Dad I WAS home at 10:00. Shelley came home with me and…”

“Who’s Shelley?”

“She’s a girl I met a few days ago.  I went to the movie with her. She came back here and we talked for a while.”  Technically not a lie – we DID talk some.  “And then she saw that it was well after 11:00. She had to be home at 11:00 and her Dad is pretty strict. He’s a Marine. We ran to her house and I had to face her Dad. We left the door unlocked because we were in such a rush.”

My Dad looked at me for a minute or so.

“Okay. I apologize for jumping to conclusions. Good night son.”

I checked my butt to see if there were any horseshoes stuck in it.  Nope.

I had trouble going to sleep after I finally got up to bed.  There was just too much Shelley going through my mind.  It certainly was an understatement to say that we had a full evening of activity.

I slept until 10:00 the next morning and when I went downstairs for breakfast there was a not from my Mom on the counter.

‘Shelley called three times this morning.  There’s pancake batter in the fridge.’

I needed some time to think.  Did she get in huge trouble from her Dad? Can she still see me?  I didn’t know and part of me didn’t WANT to know.  I decided to eat and call her after.

When I was done I was still scared so I showered and brushed my teeth.  
Finally I got up the nerve and called her.  Thankfully she answered the phone.  I don’t know if I could face her Dad again.

“Hello?’ she said.

“Hi, Shell.  It’s me.”

“Rick.  We HAVE to talk.  Can you meet me at the benches in half an hour?”


I finished getting ready and started the walk to the benched in the park by 7-11.  I was sure it was over.  When I arrived Shelley was already there, sitting on the bench holding 2 slurpees.  When she saw me she put down the slurpees, jumped up, ran over to me and threw her arms around me.

“I don’t know what you said to my Dad but he loves you. His exact words this morning were ‘that Brad is a good man’. He wasn’t even angry at me.  What did you say?”

I told her and she couldn’t believe that I had the guts to stand up to a man like her Dad.

“I’ve been thinking of nothing but you since last night. When I was lying in bed – I went to bed naked last night – the feeling of your cock in my mouth WOULD NOT go away.  Then when I found out that you smoothed things over with my Dad I wanted you so bad. And now when I hear exactly what you said to him I want you even more. Can we go somewhere?”

I was dumbfounded.  Part of me wanted to (Well okay – MOST of me), but part was still scared of her dad.  I thought for a second and found my way out.

“We can’t.  I don’t have any protection and it would be stupid to…“

She held up a 3-pack of Trojans.

"I want you. Don’t you want me?”

“Are you kidding me?  I couldn’t go to sleep last night because I was thinking of you.  I’ve never wanted anything so bad in all my life but your DAD.”

“The way he was talking about you this morning I think we could do it and then you go to my house and say ‘I just fucked your daughter.’ and I think he’d be okay with it.”

We looked into each others’ eyes and saw nothing but a wanton desire in each of us.

“Okay. There’s some rose bushes in that park by the school and there’s this place in behind them where it’s really open and very secluded.“

We walked (okay – we ran) to the park and crawled behind the rose bushes. We each had on pants that morning and when we took them off we put them on the ground to protect against any stray rose thorns. Within a minute we were both kneeling on the ground, nude looking at each other. I took her face in my hands and kissed her softly. She kissed back. Our lips began to move and her tongue entered my mouth. We kissed and fondled each other for what seemed like forever. Time really did stand still for us.

"What’s your very favorite number?”

She grinned and jumped on top of me. Within seconds her mouth was full of my cock and I was sucking on her pussy.  While her head bobbed up and down on my cock I drew lines up and down her pussy lips with my tongue.  She had very hot looking pussy lips.  They stuck out a bit and were really fun to suck on.  She LOVED that.  Shelley began to writhe and moan.   I was sucking on her clit now; flicking my tongue back and forth across it.  She began bucking her hips up and down on my face.  Soon she let out this low moan followed by some higher gasps.  She ground her wet pussy into my face until her orgasm passed and then turned herself around and kissed me deeply.

Then she pulled out a condom, fumbled with it a bit and after a few failed attempts got it over my rigid cock.  She looked me deeply.

“Now I want you to fuck me.”

I rolled her over and slowly slid my hard member into her slippery canal.  She moaned.  I groaned.  I began to thrust back and forth inside her.  While I made love to her our eyes never left each other.  It made everything seem hotter to see the lust in Shelley’s eyes.  I don’t know how long it went on for, but I do remember that she came 3 more times before I shot my load inside the condom.  We rested for a while and then she started sucking me again.  Soon I was back to being rock hard and she put another condom on me.  I was about to roll her over again when she pushed me down.

“My turn,” she purred.

She climbed on top of me and sat down on my waiting cock. She really got into riding me and bounced up and down for a long time.  While she was riding me I played with her nipples and she came a few more times.  I began thrusting up into her soaking pussy and soon blew my second load of the day.  Shelley collapsed on me and we lay like that holding each other and kissing.  We started to hear voices nearing the rose bushes so we got dressed and left our love sanctuary.

Our lives went on like this for about 11 months.  We fucked every chance we got; usually at least once per day.  Then one day she came to me in tears.

“My Dad’s getting transferred again.  We leave in a week.”

We cried for the week and I remember when she drove away like it was yesterday.  She was in tears looking out her back window and I was in tears waving to her.

I never saw Shelley again.            

jpelwes: George reviewed my gay erotic, paranormal thriller…


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“[I]ts erotic and its paranormal content are thoroughly interwoven, with the one heightening the other….Consistent with the book’s intertwining of the two, [the main character, Grant] falls in love with a young man near the start of the book and remains faithful (in his fashion) in the face of both diabolical and more positive temptations.The central chapter of the book is a tour-de-force….Very hot….Sweet.“

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lesbeachian: Alice certainly didn’t consider herself to be a…


Alice certainly didn’t consider herself to be a lesbian. Or even bisexual for that matter.

But her neighbor Brenda’s breasts were, admittedly, amazing. At neighborhood get togethers Alice would find herself staring and have to snap herself out of it before she got caught.

And sometimes when she stopped by Brenda’s to chat or pick up her kids, Brenda would be braless. This sight would consume Alice’s thoughts for the rest of the day.

What Alice didn’t know was that Brenda knew full well how alluring Alice found her boobs, and she had been dressing just to make Alice a little more crazy and desirous each time.

Finally one day, Brenda invited Alice over for a glass of wine. Alice went of course, and Brenda’s look didn’t disappoint. Just a clingy white Tshirt and no bra. Alice was tipsy before the first sip of Chardonnay.

Brenda made sure to be moving around a bit so her breasts would swing and sway. And her nipples were rock hard. She could tell she had Alic’s full attention and the time was right.

After Alice’s second glass of wine, Brenda stood up and said, “Alice, this is your lucky day.”

“What do you mean by that?”

As Brenda pulled her Tshirt up over her boobs, she said, “Today, you get to meet the girls up close.” Brenda began squeezing them in front of Alice.

Alice was dumbstruck. If anything, they were even more amazing than she imagined. She let out a little whimper and was immediately mortified.

“It’s OK, Alice. We both know you need this very badly don’t you?”

“But Brenda…”

“But nothing. Come over here. Right now.”

Alice stood up and walked to Brenda, never taking her eyes off Brenda’s breasts.

“Do you like my breasts?” Alice just nodded.

“Do you want to worship them?” Another nod.

“Tell me, then.” A quizzical look. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want to worship your breasts, Brenda.”

“That’s right, Alice. My breasts deserve to be worshipped by you. When they are out like this, you do as I say. Understand?“

“Oh god.”

“Do you understand, Alice?”

Whimper. “Yes, Brenda, I understand.”

“Good girl. You may only worship them when you are naked. Get undressed for me.” A look of bewilderment.

“Ok, if you don’t want to…“. Brenda pulled her shirt down. Alice whimpered again.

“Undressed. Now. Or you never see them again.” Alice was in shock but she found herself undressing just to get another look at Brenda’s breasts. When she was fully naked, Brenda lifted her shirt again.

“There. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Another whimper.

“Now, I want your mouth, and only your mouth, to worship every square inch of them. Come and get your treat, Alice.”

Alice was mortified she was allowing Brenda to treat her like this, but she couldn’t help it. She needed what Brenda was offering. And so, with a final whimper, she gave in, and dove in, beginning what would be a much longer journey of submission to Brenda than she could have imagined. She had never felt so alive.

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My gay erotic novella of nearly 18,000 words is called Tucker. It’s about a gay football player looking for love.

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– athletes and professors jacking off over a urinal trough;

– athletes and a professor fucking in a toilet stall;

–  a muscular football player naked and rock hard during his yearly physical before turning the tables on a very horny, very lucky medical assistant;

– muscular football players fucking each other a lot;

– a huge, muscular football player with a butt plug up his ass while fucking his future husband;

– and, best of all, True Love (Yes, that happens here, too!).

Here’s the blurb:

Tucker is one of the greatest tight ends who has ever played pro football. He is gay. Told in the first person, this gay erotic novella reveals how he finds the man of his dreams, marries him and comes out of the closet to the world.

It’s available on Amazon:

jpelwes:The main characters in the title story of my collection…


The main characters in the title story of my collection of six gay erotic stories, “Anything But Everything,” wear luchador masks while wrestling naked and on camera.

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featherless69: boyboygirllove: nkeddoorsredux: You now…




You now identify silently to yourself, as “mostly straight” or “hetero-flexible”, Most others know you as utterly straight, and In practice you had been so, But when those burning urges to fantasize about new things became an insistent and emerging need – one that you had to try on in the flesh once every blue moon – the “mostly” part became your secret reality

Those who know you as hetero-only are not aware of the quiet bends you’ve begun to happily take along the way. They don’t know that you are less the arrow these days and more the bow. Strong and firm, but with the right pull, highly elastic. And once bent and released, you’ll snap back to your known shape in an instant.

You know that every now and then, from an urge and a situation, usually with someone who carries your very own kind of secret. you will give in to a raw tangle with another cocksman. It may take the right libation, the right far from home scenery, and a slightly bold, though not over-bearing other male who senses your pliability, and simply extends a quiet invitation, if you don’t extend one first as you sense his.

Once that temptation seeps into your open mind, and you choose for various reasons to lasso it, all boundaries are cleared. It doesn’t matter who sucks who first, because you know you’re both going to have a few hard swallows at bat. In this situation you crave that.  

You also know, from your own natural place of reining, that you will take his willing sturdy ass for a hot merciless ride, because if you’re going to open this door at all, you’re not going to hold back the fire one bit. In fact, you’ll let loose harder and wilder than you do with women, partly because of his stronger body, partly from your shared animal hunger for man-whoring in the moment, and partly because you just don’t indulge in this feral pleasure that often.

You will milk this encounter for every drop of cumseed that you both have stored and can remake and reload.

And you will demand that, if he wants to ride your holy back portal, he’ll have to do it shamelessly, face to face. You want to see his need to burrow into you n his face, while you watch his resolve to stay at a studied distance dissolve under your lewd gaze. You make a point of burning a look into him that says, “You are my personal man-ass whore for the night, so make it good! “.

You also long to see him melt into a spurting, jerking puddle as your rippling anal grip causes him to explode into you with a very different howling song than he ever sings to his girl back home (because you know how differently you sing when with men).

You’ll have one more wrestling match in the shower together before you part, and depending on moods, one of you will give the other a farewell blowjob at the door before exiting the hotel room. Then, the farewell kiss, usually with the door ajar, is less about romance and more about sharing the fresh load coating the genuflector’s inner cheeks and tongue. Like blood brothers, you swap and swallow life-seed as a bond, both of your trysted secrets and your promise to stay boldly malleable.

The bow, now released, will snap back into place as you leave the room and hit the lobby, as you both revert to better known personas. But you’ll quietly agree to do this again next time you’re in the same timezone or area code. Then comes the manly goodbye handshake, which hides the last of the “One more before we go?” glances. (And yes, you’ve done that too, in the lobby men’s room, so you’re tempted anew, but… no time this time).

In retrospect, you wonder to yourself when these little side trips will move more to the center. But in truth, it hardly matters now. Instead of masturbating to man-porn image when the urge hits, you’ll stroke yourself to the memories – the tastes, the scents and animal rutting sounds, the ferocity – and that unique feel of a hardened, almost-controllable pulsating fleshpole in your mouth and throat, especially as it loses its battle and begins to power-shoot its lust past your ability to manage, much less swallow it all.

Somehow, quite unconsciously, you will take a fresh new energy from this deviant romp to the next woman or two with whom you couple. They may not be able to place it, but they will sense something in you that separates you from other “straights”, and they will be most likely be drawn to it.

Eventually, one of these women will confide her hunger to peg you,  and you’ll easily give her that and more. You won’t have told her about your “bends” in the road, but you will inadvertently demonstrate things to her that you learned in your occasional sidesteps, and a very smart woman will then know instantly.

And, of course, one will quietly demand to either join you, or at least witness the next bend in your sexual path.

When she does, you will not be able to resist.

That is when you discover that there is something in you that always ached to share your “almost” secret.

Mmmmm….this!! ???


kinkysquirts: Slowly, gently, I pushed forward, sinking my cock…


Slowly, gently, I pushed forward, sinking my cock inside her. It slipped in to her tight hole, filling her. I tried to imagine how full she must feel, the unyielding hardness of my cock in such a forbidden place. For me it was heaven, the warm tightness of her ass wrapped around my throbbing cock like a little fist. She sighed and moaned and told me to fuck her.

“That’s what I want,” she told me.

I pushed all the way inside her, so that I was buried deep. When I could push no further, I held myself there – savouring the perfect sensation of being in her ass. So warm, so tight, so dirty, so exquisite. My cock strained, wanting to use her now, wanting to fuck her, wanting to fill her tight hole with cum. I began to rock, gently at first, then harder, pumping her ass with increasing ferocity. I fucked it in long, slow strokes, pulling out almost the whole way before sinking deep inside her once more. I began to pump back and forth with all the need and intensity that she had worked up inside me.

I fucked harder, holding her around her waist, pulling her back on to me. I moved her back on to my cock like a life-size fuck toy, pulling her back on to me, pushing myself deeply inside her. Her ass became more and more loose for me, slick with excitement and the pre-cum that was leaking out of my cock. I continued to fuck her, driving my length deep in to her tight warmth. 

With every stroke she moaned and on a few occasions she grunted like an animal. We were in a rare place, she and I. Bestial. Primeval. We were there together, locked in our own forbidden pleasure, far removed from the urbane world of happy love and open smiles.

“fuck me,” she said, her voice hoarse and desperate. “Fuck my ass. Use me.”

I pumped harder, my intensity growing. My rhythm quickened and I wondered if she could feel my cock getting harder inside her. I wondered if she could feel it pulsating, throbbing with approaching climax. I wondered…but I was past caring. I gripped her hips, pulled her back on to me, drove my cock deep into her ass.

“Fill my ass,” she said. He voice was heavy with desire, with pleasure. “Fuck me. Cum in me. Cum in my ass.”

I pushed and strained against her, slamming against her beautiful round bottom. I pushed with desperation, fucking her. Her ass gripped me, worked me, drew me in to its sensual warmth. I could feel it approaching, could feel it close. I clutched for a better grip, grabbed her waist, pulled her back, launched my hard dick as deep inside her as it would go.



This is the first chapter of my gay erotic, paranormal thriller novel, Pyewacket, Pyewacket, now available on Amazon: It’s about nineteen-year-old Grant Webb, who must leave his remote fishing town in northeastern Canada to search for his grandmother reported missing in Vallejo, California. If you can’t resist spoilers, be sure to read the tags at the end of this chapter to find out more about the plot.

You know me. I’m that quiet guy you hardly noticed in high school. I always had my nose in a book. I volunteered in the school library, happily returning books to their rightful place on dusty shelves. I tried my best to be invisible. I was almost never picked on: jocks couldn’t bully the class nerd when they didn’t notice me seated beside them.

If you had noticed me–and I don’t blame you that you didn’t, since that had always been my intention–you might have wondered what had happened to me after graduation.

At their first chance, most everyone else after high school fled Cow Head, our fishing town on a long, cold and very scenic beach in Canada’s youngest, most northeastern province, Newfoundland and Labrador.

I, on the other hand, had my books–lots of books, thanks to the reading app on my tablet–and an awesome relationship with my mom, with whom I live and work at her gift shop on Main Street, so I never felt compelled to leave our island, nicknamed The Rock, in search of adventure in the concrete jungles of Montreal or Manhattan.

I now think it obvious I worked so hard to be invisible because I am gay. As you might imagine, it was painful growing up feeling like an outsider in a town with a population of less than five-hundred people. Everyone knows almost everything about everyone else. I suppose there might be other gay and bisexual people in Cow Head, but I never met one.

I came out to my mom after I turned eighteen.

“I grew up in California,” she said, lining up scented candles on a display table in the gift shop. “I went to Berkeley. I don’t care if you’re straight, bi, gay or gender fluid. All I want is for you to be happy. When did you know?”

“A long time ago.”

“And you waited all this long to tell me?”

I nodded, blushing, ashamed I could hear in her voice the hurt she hid from me, as she turned away to straighten picture books celebrating the annual Cow Head Lobster Festival.

“I wanted to be sure,” I mumbled.

“Are you?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at me.

I nodded.

“Then, that’s that. Are you seeing anyone?”

“No,” I said. I wish.

She didn’t ask if I was happy. I never let on how terribly lonely I was. Even surrounded by all my books.

When I was much younger, during one of my countless walks along the tree-lined trails to the old Cow Head lighthouse, I met my imaginary friend, Pyewacket. History books say he was a misshapen imp that Matthew Hopkins supposedly saw in 1644 as it conspired with a coven of witches behind Hopkins’ house in England. But my Pyewacket is a Siamese cat exactly like the one in the movie. I like to think I summoned him that day on the trail by saying aloud: “Pyewacket, Pyewacket / I need thee / Come to me.”

I should mention speaking in metrical verse has always come easily to me. I have no idea why; about that I cannot lie.

“Stop that!” Mom used to wail, rolling her eyes, as customers chuckled at us in the gift shop.

“I don’t know what I did / For you to so forbid.”

“Oh, my stars!” Mom would exclaim, the only expression she and Grandmother shared, Mom pointedly calling her mom “that hippie-dippie-do Tarot-card reader” on the rare occasions she brought herself to mention Grandmother.

For years, I tormented Mom and amused customers by speaking in metrical verse, until the day I read somewhere online that easily rhyming words and experiencing hallucinations were signs of schizophrenia. Hold on. I’m just a closeted homosexual with an imaginary cat I know isn’t really there.

But I liked to think he was there all those years I sorted books in the library, cleaned the gift shop at night and wandered the trails and beach around Cow Head.

“Pyewacket, Pyewacket / I need thee / Come to me,” I said whenever I felt especially lonely, whenever I got scrapes and bruises in bike mishaps on the trails and beach.

I now think I might have been happier if I had worked a little less diligently at being invisible. That way, you and I might have met. But I think I was too afraid of being outed before I was ready, of unintentionally leading on a girlfriend, of pining after an oblivious straight guy.

Online gay porn videos were a magnificent, nightly delight, but romance and erotic stories were more in line with what I wanted out of life: love, happiness and lots of great sex with my boyfriend.

I have always wanted a boyfriend.

If you had noticed me in high school and wondered what had happened to me after graduation, I suspect you’d be shocked to hear a Canada Post truck jumped the curb outside the gift shop and hit Mom, breaking both her legs, only a day before she confessed from her hospital bed that she’d not heard from Grandmother in over a month; that the police had found unoccupied Grandmother’s house in California; that no neighbor, police, hospital, morgue, mental health organization or psychic association in the San Francisco Bay Area knew where she was; that Mom arranged from her hospital bed for me to fly across North America to Grandmother’s house in Vallejo, a town straddling the Napa River and Carquinez Strait about fifty kilometers north of San Francisco; and that on my first night there I was meeting up with the greatest pitcher in the history of professional baseball to have sex with him.

I’m Canadian: I love hockey. But I love baseball more, so it made perfect sense to me that my first sexual experience would be with this famous baseball player.

It was near midnight. A chorus of chirping crickets greeted me, as I hopped off a bike I’d found in Grandmother’s garage. I saw him step out of a slick sports car gleaming in the moonlight. We walked side by side across the otherwise empty parking lot, past two unlocked gates and over the moonlit baseball diamond.

We faced each other once we stood on the pitcher’s mound.

He was at least half a meter taller than me. His shoulders seemed nearly as wide as I was tall. My heart pounded furiously in my chest, as I gawked up at his handsome face. My cock instantly erected and throbbed in the tight confines of my blue jeans. I somehow knew he was as fully aroused as me.

“Tell me your name,” he said, beaming down at me, like I was the most beautiful bauble in all the world.

“Grant Webb.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Adam LeCher!” I burst out, then worried I sounded overly enthusiastic.

“The greatest pitcher in the history of baseball!” he exclaimed, like a carnival barker pitching a sideshow. “Do you know why I’m standing here tonight in this little town on the edge of nowhere?”

“You’re–you’re really horny,” I wagered, my knees suddenly wobbly.

“Because I’m tired of the endless orgies with teammates, managers, janitors, trainers, reporters, owners, coaches, security guards and fans,” he said, then reached out to take my chin in his hand. “How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” I answered, hardly able to catch my breath, delighted by his firm grip, by the scent of soap on his fingers.

This is nuts. This can’t be happening, I thought, even as every fiber of my being wanted to unzip Adam’s trousers, pull out his cock, and stroke him until he ejaculated between us. I could hardly believe that the Adam LeCher and I were about to be naked together, that he was going to be the first man to see me come. I’d lost count of the number of times I’d jerked off to advertisements of him wearing briefs, to magazine spreads featuring him with other semi-nude athletes to celebrate how incredibly fit and attractive they were. I knew Adam was very muscular and covered in a pelt of luxuriant, black hair. I desperately wanted his cock in my fist. I wanted to taste his member, his balls, his semen. I wanted to watch him experience an orgasm in my hands.

“Do you know what I want to do?” he asked, tightening his grip on my chin.

I shook my head as best I could. Jerk off with me?

“I want to be free. I want to take off my clothes and run naked around these bases with a naked, randy buck at my side,” he said, then leaned close, so that his lips brushed against my ear when he next whispered: “Do you want to be my naked, randy buck?”

“Yes,” I gasped, trembling with anticipation.

“That’s the spirit!” he said with a grin, releasing me, and took a step back before slipping his suit jacket off his shoulders.

In a daze, I watched him carefully fold it before laying it in the grass.

Am I dreaming? I suddenly wondered. Am I the one who was hit by the Canada Post truck?

“Let me see you strip, Grant Webb,” Adam said, smiling in the moonlight, as he undid the buttons down his dress shirt. “I want to be naked with you.”

You only have to ask me once!

I kicked off my shoes, shucked off my socks, whipped my tee shirt over my head, tossed it behind the pitcher’s mound, then stopped to grin at Adam still smiling at me. I watched him pull his opened shirt out of his trousers at the same time I unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped the fly. Nearly delirious, I bent forward to slip my pants and boxers off my hips and down my thighs. I almost lost my balance, as I pulled my feet free one at a time.

A moment later, I straightened up naked, my rigid cock throbbing so intensely I knew I was leaking a river of pre-cum.

“Look at you!” Adam exclaimed, neatly folding his shirt before placing it atop his suit jacket. “A pale, golden satyr on the pitcher’s mound. So beautiful. I love the shape of your cock. I think an upward curve quite attractive.”

I was breathing too fast. My gosh. Don’t pass out! Don’t pass out!

“Thanks,” I somehow managed, my voice thick with excitement, as I admired his muscular, hairy torso.

“You might say I’m a connoisseur of cock,” he said, bending at the waist to pull off his shoes and socks. “Not to boast or anything, but I have seen a lot of naked, horny men. I have come to appreciate the esthetic of the penis suavissimus.”

With all the online gay porn videos I’d watched, I immediately thought I too merited the moniker “connoisseur of cock,” as I watched him straighten and unbuckle his belt.

“I mean, I enjoyed spending time with all my female fans,” he said, smiling at me, then undid the button to his trousers and unzipped his fly. “Each is beautiful in her own way.”

I watched him again bend forward, drawing his slacks off his hips and down his legs.

He elegantly stepped out of them.

I moaned with delight the instant I saw his erection tenting out the front of his boxers.

“But, as you might imagine, I love walking naked through the clubhouse locker rooms and showers, my cock very hard,” he said, neatly folding his trousers, before laying them on his pile of clothes. “I love watching my teammates get hard. I think a man can be no more perfect than when he is naked and aroused, his erection jutting over his balls.”

I could only nod agreement. My mind was reeling at the thought of a locker room full of naked baseball players sporting wood. I watched Adam bend over to slip off his underwear.

A moment later, he stood naked and fully aroused before me.

“I talk too much, don’t I?” he murmured, tossing his underwear onto his pile of clothes. “Come here.”

He opened his arms, so I stepped up to him, marveling that I was at long, long last naked and aroused with a naked man aroused by me. And not just any man. Freaking Adam LeCher! He was a very tall, very muscular, very hairy man. His rigid cock was twice as long as mine, his swollen cockhead much larger and very shiny in the moonlight. His thicket of dark pubes hid his balls.

I grabbed his rigid member, delighted by its thickness, thrilled to be holding a man by his hard cock. No amount of gay porn viewing had prepared me for the intense pleasure of this moment in real life. I stroked him, then pressed my body against his, wrapping my arms around his torso as he hugged me. He smelled like cologne and sweat.

“You feel so nice,” he murmured against the top of my head, squeezing me tightly. “Such a lean, muscular body. You’re trembling. Am I the first man you’ve been with?”

I nodded against his hairy chest, amazed this famous baseball player’s erection was pressed against my belly, while my throbbing cock was crushed between his massive thighs and very likely near his anus. Nothing in my life had ever felt more exhilarating than right then being naked with Adam.

When his hands explored my back and ass cheeks, I did the same to him, completely gobsmacked by his powerful physique. One of his fingers twirled over my butthole so I ran my index finger down his hairy ass crack to prod his anus.

“Grant Webb, so many ways a virgin,” he breathed into my hair. “I’d love to be the first man you came inside.”

My finger easily slipped inside him. My knees nearly buckled out from under me. I couldn’t believe how tight and warm he was. I was beyond delirious. I wanted to know what it felt like to slide my hard cock inside him. I wanted to know what it felt like to ejaculate inside him. I wanted to hold him tight and listen to the sounds he made while I fucked him.

“I have a feeling you’re a natural,” Adam breathed, as I slid my finger back and forth inside him. “I can’t wait for you to fill me with your sperm.”

Mightily thrusting my hips against him, I moaned, suddenly afraid I was moments away from ejaculating between his thighs.

He pushed me away.

I let out a gasp, disappointed, and staggered back a few paces.

He smiled, then reached out to take me by the balls.

I twitched up onto my toes, surprised and delighted by how enthusiastically he massaged my sac.

I looked at his rigid cock pointing up at me, as I closed my hand around his heavy, wrinkly scrotum. My fingers hurriedly explored his impossibly large testicles. With my other hand, I made a fist around his rigid member and squeezed it.

I laughed giddily. Vital and precious felt these moments I fondled him.

“You’re going to make me come if you keep doing that,” Adam breathed, stepping away to bend over his pile of clothes. “I’m not ready yet.”

I marveled we were naked and rock hard on this pitcher’s mound. This has got to be a dream. That Canada Post truck!

“Here it is!” he cried, laughing softly, as he straightened up, holding in one hand what looked like a leather, braided whip.

Not into that!

“Do you know what this is?” he asked, stepping over to me.

I shook my head.

“A butt plug!” he cried, laughing merrily, then raised it toward my throbbing erection. “Look! It’s shaped like your cock!”

I had to agree the handle of the braided tassels looked remarkably like my boner, from the curved shaft to the swollen head.

He spat into his hand, then ran his palm over the head of the butt plug.

I was surprised by how powerfully aroused I was, when he next reached around his hip to slip it easily up his ass. He threw his head back, inhaling loudly, as I watched his chest swell hugely.

“Oh, that feels very, very good!” he cried, turning his head to smile at me. “I need to be fucked much more often.”

He extended his hand toward mine. I took it.

“Come, my pale, golden satyr,” he said, leading me over the soft grass of the infield toward third based.

A few moments later, I was certain I’d lost my mind, but nevertheless ran naked and rock hard around the bases, enthusiastically clutching Adam’s hand.

We did a lap, the braided tassels of his butt plug looking very much like a tail brushing the backs of his thighs and calves.

This is crazy! Amazing! I’m running around naked and hard with the greatest pitcher in the history of baseball.

I laughed at the absurdity of it and couldn’t stop laughing.

Adam laughed at my laughing.

I was beyond giddy, when he led me back to the pitcher’s mound, taking both my hands.

“Wondrous!” he cried, looking me up and down, as we spun together a bit awkwardly over the pitcher’s mound. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a very long time.”

He suddenly let go of my hands, dropping to his knees, and held out his arms to me.

I gawked at him looking up at me. He was massive, magnificent. I couldn’t take my eyes off his rigid cock pointing toward me, as I stepped up to him.

“Kiss me,” he said. “I want to be the first man you kiss.”

I leaned down to kiss his lips, as he took me by the hips. His tongue found mine. He tasted like mint. I rested my hands on his massive shoulders. We kissed for a long time. I marveled there could be nothing more perfect in the world than being naked and aroused with Adam on this pitcher’s mound.

His hands left my hips. One ran down my thigh, the other up my abdomen and chest. I loved knowing his cock was rock hard because of me. He took me by the balls and clasped my chin.

I moaned with delight, while he expertly kneaded my nuts at the same time he turned my head skyward.

“You have pre-cum covering your balls,” he breathed up at me. “I want to be on my hands and knees in front of you. I want to feel you inside me. I want your arms locked around my chest, as you fuck me. I want to feel you come inside me.”

I nodded as best I could at the stars overhead.

“First, though,” he breathed, his hand working over my sac, “I want to be inside you. I want you to know what it feels like to be fucked by a man. I want you know what it feels like when I ejaculate inside you.”

I nodded, but my enthusiasm suddenly ebbed away, when I remembered I’d always wanted my first time to be with my boyfriend.

He released me. I watched him spit into his hand and rub his palm over his rigid member.

“Lay down on your back,” he said, “and hold your knees against your chest.”

I shook my head. I’ve never sought out anonymous sex.

Something rumbled on the edges of the baseball diamond. I felt it more than I heard it.

“Lay down,” he said again.

I took a step away from him. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect, spectacular opportunity than this if all I wanted was to have sex with a man.

I shook my head again, as the rumbling intensified.

Adam glanced sideways at the edges of the baseball diamond.

“I want to be inside you,” he pleaded.

“I thought I did, too. I like kissing you,” I said, “but–”

“Come here,” he said, smiling radiantly in the moonlight.

“No,” I said. “I’m sorry.”

Adam lurched to his feet. He took a step toward me.

Something smaller than the palm of my hand flickered between us. Then, another from a different direction, before many more joined in.

“Okay. Let’s beat off, then,” he hurriedly said, reaching for my cock, as more things flickered between us, striking his hand. “Oh, my pale, golden satyr.”

“Adam, I’m sorry. I don’t want to,” I said, as I slowly stepped backwards.

“No one has ever said that to me!” he snapped, taking a huge stride toward me. “Come here.”

I was suddenly afraid.

“Pyewacket,” I mumbled before I realized what I was saying, “Pyewacket.”

“What?” Adam said, stopping to swipe at the cloud of flickering things gathering between us.

I shook my head. I wasn’t about to tell him about my imaginary Siamese cat, my pal during all those lonely years, my comforting friend whenever I got banged up in bike mishaps on the trails and beach.

Adam reached for my drooping erection.

I flinched, tripping myself, and landed on my ass in the grass now wet with dew. Adam loomed over me.

I suddenly thought to myself: Get up and fucking run!

Adam thrashed his arms at the flickering things between us. The rumbling on the edges of the baseball diamond was now unmistakable.

“Grant Webb!” he bellowed, reaching down through the flickering cloud to touch my chest, find my shoulder to squeeze.

Terror punched me in the gut. I knew I had to jump up and run.

“Pyewacket, Pyewacket / I need thee / Come to me,” I whispered, the familiar mantra helping me to screw up my courage.

I was sure no one but I could hear my plead over the rumbling, but Adam snatched away his hand, then jerked upright in the flickering cloud. I was astounded to sense something crossing a vast distance toward us. It was moving very fast.

“Certainly, unexpected,” Adam growled. “But you are much too late.”

I glared at him, then gasped in surprise because I somehow knew we were no longer alone on the baseball diamond.

Adam stepped away from me and flung his arms over his head.

Lightning struck his shoulders, the thunderclap nearly blasting out my eardrums. The lightning impossibly illuminated Adam leering down at me as he ejaculated a fountain of semen onto the pitcher’s mound, his head swelling and distorting into that of a grotesque beast. The lightning licked at his butt plug now a massive fan of iridescent peacock feathers caressing his magnificent torso and thighs like the fondling hands of eager lovers.

I watched clouds of orange butterflies surge toward the lightning and peacock feathers.

This isn’t happening, I thought, looking away from the lightning, as I felt consciousness slipping away. None of this. I should be dead this close to lightning.

My cheek pressed into the dewy grass. I kept my eyes open long enough to see butterflies swirl toward me, make room for something striding toward me.

For the first time in my life, I saw Pyewacket’s eyes. I had always imagined them as yellow. They are, in fact, blue-green.

This is the first chapter of my gay erotic, paranormal thriller novel, Pyewacket, Pyewacket, now available on Amazon: It’s about nineteen-year-old Grant Webb, who must leave his remote fishing town in northeastern Canada to search for his grandmother reported missing in Vallejo, California. If you can’t resist spoilers, be sure to read the tags at the end of this chapter to find out more about the plot.

gen-a-s: linda1234me: What can Mandy do after she’s…



What can Mandy do after she’s experienced heaven on earth?

One solution is for Mandy to give in to what society wants, marry a man, and masturbate. She can jill while she remembers heaven and wishes she could experience it – her – again. She finds herself constantly reminding herself of the happiness she had for a short period.  But instead she lives her frustrating conventional life with a man who might well be a very nice guy, but who doesn’t compare to her in terms of beauty, sex, romance, or love. Or making her happy and fulfilled.

Masturbation is great, especially after Mandy fulfills her wifely duties and has sex with him. She’s got to relieve the frustration that comes from being with a man. so she jills to lesbian porn, or remembers her affair. In many ways she’s chosen the easiest path, or at least the path of least resistance.  

But…. there are other things Mandy can do.  They would take come courage. But in the end she’d be so much happier.

I predict that Mandy will masturbate, but she will also find a girlfriend.

tricias-captions: Shannon Edwards who taught in the English…


Shannon Edwards who taught in the English Department at the High School had always admired the body of Laura DeChamps who taught History across the hall from Shannon. But it wasn’t until she started hearing about other woman teachers casually hooking up with each other that Shannon realized she had sexual feelings toward Laura. They were already very friendly and shared an off period together, so one day Shannon mentioned that she’d heard that Nicki Manafort and Caroline Jessup were shagging behind their husbands’ backs.

Laura added Mindy Latourneau and Ana Faraday, as well as Lisa Brighton and Mary Jean Racine to the list.

“Wow,” Shannon sighed. “Don’t you sometimes wonder what we’re missing out on?”

“I’m not missing out on anything,” Laura replied.

“You mean….”

“Oh yes. With Deb Johnson and Jenny Swain. Regularly.”

“Oh. Wow,” Shannon said, looking at her friend in a new light. “How long?”

“A couple of months. It started actually when Karen was her student teaching.”

“Now I’m definitely wondering on what I’m missing out on.”

Then she felt Laura’s hand on her bare knee and Laura’s lips just millimeters from hers. “You don’t have to miss out on anything, you know,” the blonde woman said.

frozenrope69: You like to watch don’t you? I know you notice the…


You like to watch don’t you? I know you notice the placement of my right hand that covers my inner thigh as my thumb circles the base of my cock. Though I know, your focus is on the stroking motion of my left hand.

You like watching my hand wrap my shaft and stroke slow and long, don’t you? Imagining the strength of my grip as I stroke thinking of you. How wet does your cunt become as you watch my hand run the length of my shaft, from base to hood of my head. Would I make your cunt drip if you hear me moan your name with a desperate need as I stroked.

As I stroke, I imagine you straddled over me as I watched you lowered your wet cunt downward. Imagining you pausing just above the tip of me. Imagining your fingers pulling your folds apart, opening yourself for me. I imagine what it would feel like as I splayed you open and what your initial sound effect would be as I penetrated you.
I imagine how your cunt would grip my entire shaft as you descended upon me, imagining the look on your face as I sank deeper inside you.

Do you like that I imagine once every inch of my rigid cock was buried inside you, you gasped in pleasure as I moaned, “FUCK, my imagination could never imagine the pleasure of your cunt”!

You like that my hand strokes for you, don’t you? Imagine my hand stroke faster and harder as I groan imagining you hips slam your cunt back and forth violantly. My hand begins to mimic how hard I imagine your grind. You like how I punish stroke my cock don’t you?

At my brink, I pull my cock towards my stomach, my hips arch as I feel the intense pleasure. My moans turn to groans as my body tenses. My head snaps back as I feel my explosion rip through my shaft. You like that I scream your name as the initial spurt, streams hard and long, my thick creamy warmth, pelts my lower chest and stomach, don’t you?

gen-a-s: the-feisty-brunette: http://the-feisty-brunette.tumblr….



“Well, so much for the threesome. He’s already come!”

“Well, boys do that, you know.”

“I tell you what…why don’t we leave him here and we’ll go on up to the room and keep going, just you and I?”

“Just us? What are we going to do without a man?”

“Please, honey! Just come on up with me, and I’ll show you.”

“Well, ok then. Honey, why don’t you wipe yourself off and go wait for us in the bar, ok?”

Chloe The Office Toy

The night out with Dave and Marcus that
wound up with me being gang fucked by a bunch of strangers changed everything.
Word got round pretty quick and a few pictures and videos that appeared on
various websites pretty much finished my relationship with Simon. Turned out
that one of the builders who covered my big round tits with an especially large
load was a friend of a friend of Simon’s and an image of me in ripped stockings
and high heels on the toilet floor drenched in pints of slimy cum arrived in Simons
email and well, that was that. Simon packed his things and left that night.

I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be,
but work was another matter. News spread around about what a total slut I had
been, pictures were shared by email and even a really graphic video clip. All
the guys at work now openly flirted with me or even tried to grope me, it
became quite annoying. Marcus and Dave stuck by me and even Amber was really
supportive, everyone else was pretty horrible. After a couple of days I got called
to the bosses office, I thought ‘well, this is it’.

If my boss was some fat old bloke in his
50’s I could imagine being all sorry and apologetic, getting down on my knees
and giving him the blow job of his life and all would be forgotten, but my boss
was a hard nosed bitch who had worked her way through the company to the top. I
was fucked.

Anna Rhodes was 44 and had been at the top
of the game for 10 years. She had made it by having bigger balls and a smarter
moves than all the men that had ever worked with her. She now owned several
successful businesses and was often called on by the press to comment on
national business issues. She was on Dragons Den for 2 seasons for Christ’s
sake, she took no prisoners and wasn’t going to give me an easy time because I
happened to be the same gender as her.

I went to her office on the 10th floor.
Isobel, Anna’s PA, met me with a cold bitchy stare that said “yes I’ve
seen the pictures too” and pointed me to the seats outside Anna’s office.

I sat down, straightened my skirt tried not
to look visibly worried. I glanced over at Isobel, her neat black bob was
immaculate, her Hermes business suit hung perfectly on her slight, but athletic
frame; she looked every inch the quintessential young, professional woman.
Rumour had it that Marcus had once made a pass at her and she had told him that
if he tried anything like that again he would be reported for harassment. It
seems you didn’t fuck with Isobel.

 I was thinking this when she looked over
and said, “Anna will see you now” and then added in silent,
beautifully mouthed words: “you slut”.

I got up and walked in to Anna’s office,
slightly shaken by Isobel’s silent attack.

“Ah Chloe, take a seat”.

Anna was standing by the floor length
window that made up one wall of her huge office. She was wearing a very simple,
but very beautiful black Givenchy suit (she only ever wore Givenchy suits, and
she had a thing for Louboutin shoes, but then what girl doesn’t?).

I sat down. Anna didn’t turn around.

“You know why you’re here don’t you


“I haven’t seen the pictures everyone
has been passing around, I don’t need to. I don’t like people disrupting my
business Chloe.”

“No, of course not, Anna I’m…”

“Chloe I don’t want to hear any
excuses”’ she turned around. Anna was an attractive woman with long thick
wavy dark hair and a quite incredible figure. She looked at me with those big
brown eyes and I was silent.

“Chloe I don’t want to sack you,
you’re too good at what you do and it took me a lot of money an effort to steal
you from your last employer”

I breathed an audible sigh of relief and
waited for the inevitable ‘but’

“But,” said Anna, “I need
you out of this office for a few months, until this all cools down. I’m sending
you to the New York office.”

I couldn’t believe it! This was amazing!

“I will get Dylan at the NY office to
get things going but I need you out there by Monday. Take the rest of the week
off to sort things out.”

I didn’t know quite what to say, but
babbled “Thank you Anna, thanks you so much, I don’t know…”

“Look Chloe, every professional bone
in my body says ‘sack you’ but I see potential in you and I’d hate to see it
wasted. I made a similar mistake when I was younger and my boss gave me a
second chance, so here I am doing it for you.”

She walked over and offered a manicure hand
as I got up out the chair, my eyes began to tear up.

Anna stood close to me, “don’t cry
Chloe, just be more careful in the ways you explore your sexuality, be more …
professional.” She was so close I could smell her perfume and feel her
breath, I felt so grateful.

I walked out of the office, glancing at
Isobel just long enough to mouth the word “BITCH” as I left.

The next few days were a little crazy, but
also quite exhilarating. I didn’t really have time to think about anything but
getting ready to move out to New York. The job in New York was for 3 months, so
I arranged for a friend to look in on my flat occasionally and feed my plants
while I was away. I packed up a few essentials from home and had them shipped
out to await my arrival. Isobel gave me a document case with a few files, the
details of the contract I was going to be working on and the keys to one of the
companies New York short let apartments. This was exactly what I needed.

Dave and Marcus were desperate to arrange a
night together before I left for the USA, they wanted to double team me as a
going away present, I was very tempted but I declined saying that maybe it
wasn’t a good idea after all the trouble our first time had created. They kept
asking and I kept refusing, I was definite it was for the best and anyway I had
another naughty little going away treat arranged.

On the Thursday before I was set to leave I
got an email from Liam in the mail room saying a parcel had arrived for me and
did I want for him to bring it up. Liam was the young guy that Dave and Marcus
has teased me about on our night out, apparently the young mail room boy
couldn’t talk to me without having to nip to the boys room to jerk off
afterwards. I bet his imagination had run wild when the stories of me being
gangfucked got out. I emailed him back to say that I would come down before the
end of the week to pick the parcel up myself, as it was personal. I signed off
with a little kiss, just to get him a little excited. I sat at my desk and imagined
him in the toilet cubicle thinking of me in all sorts of filthy scenarios as he
eases his stiffening cock out of his pants and begins to stroke it back and
forth until its rigid and its thick head is throbbing and shiny, aching to be
pushed into my willing body in any way he wants. I came back to reality and my
heart fluttered, and my little pussy gave a little throb. ‘Stop it Chloe’ I
thought to myself,’wait until Friday’.

My last day at the London office flew by
Anna popped in to my office to wish me luck and said she would check in on me
when she was next in the NY office. I couldn’t believe she was being so nice.

By 5.30 everyone was leaving for the
weekend and I went to the ladies toilets with my bag containing a change of
outfit. I slipped out of my work clothes in front of the mirrors and admired my
lingerie: black, sheer and see through, the bra pushed my tits up obscenely,
creating a plunging cleavage. An all in one sheer corset and suspenders set
wrapped my torso tightly and held my black seemed stockings in place. The
panties, well there wasn’t much too them really, and for tonights plan I
wouldn’t be needing them, I wiggled my hips and eased them down over my round
ass and slipped them into my handbag. Out of my satchel I pulled my little
black dress and my black suede 6 inch heels. The dress was backless, halter
neck little thing in wet-look material, it clung to me perfectly and stretched
sensually over my body. I slipped my stockinged feet into my heels, they lifted
me up high and made my ass jut out suggestively.

 I looked at the at myself as I applied a
coat of red lipstick, I looked like a teenage boys wet dream.. which is exactly
what I wanted to be tonight. I left the toilets and strolled into the lift, my
little handbag over my bare shoulder. I pressed the button for the basement.

I walked into the mail room knowing that
Liam would still be there finishing up after hours as he always did. He had his
back to me sorting various folders into the pigeon holes for each of the
companies different departments.

“Hi Liam, just remembered I had a
parcel to pick up”

Liam span around and when he saw me his jaw
dropped open, “Oh uh hi Miss Silver”, he stared taking in the image
of me in my tight little mini dress and slutty heels standing in his doorway.

“Do you still have it?”, I asked

He stared at me dumbfounded for a moment,
he was only about 17 or 18 but quite fit, probably did a lot of sport, he
looked the type. I glanced down and could already see the telltale bulge
appearing in his suit trousers.

“Uh sure, yes its um its right
here”, he put a largish parcel on the desk in front of me and tried not to
stare at my tits.

“Thanks Liam you’re a sweetie, I
almost forgot it but its something I wanted to take to New York with me”

“Oh sure…cool”, he smiled

I ran a long manicured nail through the
parcel tape and began to unwrap it in front of him. The plain box gave nothing
away, but I knew what was inside. I had purchased it online from Love Honey and
had it delivered to work so I could set this moment up before I left London.

I opened the lid of the box and pulled the
red tissue paper aside to reveal the item I had ordered: the Cock Locker
Inflatable Monster Dildo. It looked huge, in black rubber with a massive molded head and wrapped in thick veins, it was truly obscene.

Liam couldn’t believe his eyes, he stared
at the massive rubber toy and just said, “sshhhiit”

 I ran my fingers over the dildo and my
nipples began to visibly stiffen,“oh fuck look at it Liam, its massive and
its not even inflated yet, mmmm”

My eyes met his and I smiled, “I cant
wait to get this home” I bit my lip suggestively, my fingers still tracing
the shape of the thick black rubber cock.

He just stared at me, his erection bulging
visibly in his trousers.

“mmm Liam I have a naughty idea, maybe
I could try it out here?… would you like that Liam?”

Liams hand strayed to his fly and he
gripped his hard cock though his pants.

“Oh fuck.. oh fuck yes I’d love to see
that” he gasped

I ran a hand up my belly and around my tightly
wrapped tits, gently pinching my stiff nipple while my other hand lifted the
dildo out of the box.

“Oh my its so big I think I might need
you to help me with it”, I said in a sultry, pleading tone.

 I squeezed the rubber bulb that was
connected to the dildo by a tube, with a faint hiss the cock twitched. Out of
the box I took a small bottle of lube, removed the top and squirted a generous
amount over the veiny rubber cock, stroking it back and forth until it was
completely covered and glistened temptingly.

 Liam watched in stunned silence as I handed
him the dildo and bent over the desk sticking my ass out towards him. I looked
over my shoulder and wiggled my ass slowly, making sure he was getting a good
view of it tightly covered in the short wet-look skirt. I snaked a hand behind
me and hooked my fingers into the seam, slowly peeling the tight shiny material
up over my ass, revealing the smooth pale skin of my back side and my moist
little pussy.

 "Oh God yes", Liam breathed, his
eyes fixed on my naked ass. “Fuck the rumors were true you really are a
dirty slut!”

“I cant help it Liam, I just love
being fucked… now stick that big black monster in me, show me what a little
whore i am”

He approached me slowly, and carefully
place one hand on my ass, gently rubbing my pussy lips as he aimed the dildo
and began to ease it in to me.

“mmm yes”, I moaned as I felt
that big rubber head open me up and the first few inches entered me,
“don’t stop, keep going”

In silent concentration Liam eased more and
more in, oh god it felt so good.

“That’s it baby, mmm so fucking

 I could feel it filling my pussy totally,
even more than Marcus’ did with his big cock that night in the bar. It felt
like the head was nudging the entrance to my womb.

Liam stroked my ass as he began to move the
dildo in and out, the thick rubber veins stimulating the walls of my tight
little hole.

“Yess yes that’s it Liam fuck me with
it. Show me how to take that big black dick”

I closed my eyes as the sensations began to
build and I started to moan with pleasure.

 Liam pushed it right up to the hilt and I
let out a deep moan falling forward on to the desk, my tits spreading out under
me. Then he stopped. I was about to complain when I heard a couple of long
hisses and the big dildo began to twitch and grow inside me.

 "Oh fuck yes ughhhnn", I let out
another low moan as Liam began to inflate the cock, bigger and bigger. I looked
behind me, Liam had a lust filled stare on his face and his impressively large
cock was jutting out of his fly as he jerked it rhythmically, still inflating
the dildo.

 My eyes rolled upwards and I felt a tremor
in my body as the growing dildo filled me utterly, stretching me to the limits.

“Ugghnn fuck FUCK! Liam I cant take
any more..its too big.. oh yes”, my hands gripped the edge of the desk and
I felt something wet and cool on my ass. Liam was squirting lube over my
backside and pussy as he began to try and pump the brutally inflated rubber
cock in and out of my cunt. At first it wouldn’t move but after a moment or two
I felt it ease back and forth – and it felt amazing!

“ugggnn OH FUCK yes YESS!”, even
the smallest movement filled me with ecstasy and I began to shudder and writhe.

“Liam! oh God that feels fucking

“If you like that you’re going to love
this you fucking slut”, he grunted and I felt my oil covered ass hole
being probed by his eager fingertip and then something hotter and harder nudge
my tight little hole.

“Oh yes you dirty boy yes. Go on, do
it… fuck me in the ass” I moaned lustily as I felt him push his
straining erection into my ass.

 Liam was pretty well endowed and his rock
hard dick needed a good hard push to open me up and ease into my body. My ass
was extra tight due to the massive dildo in my pussy, but after a few grunts
Liam managed to get his bone hard erection into my ass and started fucking me.

 I lost control and began to cum so hard I
almost passed I out, I became like an animal possessed, writhing around on the
desk grunting and swearing: “Thats it you dirty bastard use me! USE MY HOLES!
Fuck my cunt you bastard that’s it yes yes YESS!”

I thrust my ass back and forth against his
violent fucking, my juices running down my thighs, my pussy lips stretched wide
around the obscene rubber thing stuck deep inside me.

 Liam up his pace and began to grunt loudly,
he was balls deep in my ass when he shouted,“ TAKE IT YOU FILTHY FUCK PIG

 My over sensitized ass felt his rigid cock
jerk and twitch and I felt the hot, surge of his cum filling my ass up. Jesus
it felt like he pumped a pint of the thick gooey stuff into me. He pulled out
leaving me face down on the desk, my dress around my waist and the massive
black rubber cock jutting from my twitching pussy. His thick cum ran out of my
puckered ass hole and mixed with my pussy juices running down the inside of my
spread thighs.

 I moaned softly with exquisite pleasure,
then felt Liams hand in my hair, pulling my head to one side. He was now beside
the desk, his fat semi erect cock was shoved towards my face. It was red, veiny
and covered in his creamy cum.

 "Suck my cock you dirty slut, suck
it", he said, suddenly filled with confidence, he was making the most of
his time with his new fuck toy. I opened my mouth and sucked his swollen cock
head, cleaning the cum off with my tongue and savouring the taste. I felt it
twitch and throb and it began to grow in my mouth. I took him deeper, lapping
my eager tongue on the underside of his lovely young cock. Before I knew it he
was thick and fully erect again and began sliding his length deep into my
willing throat. Oh god I love teenage boys and their recovery time.

 The big mushroom shaped head of his dick
was reaching deep into my throat as he pulled my head to him using handfuls of
my hair. His cock felt about 9 or 10 inches long, and he savoured getting the
whole lot down my ungagging throat before extracting it in a drolly mess and
slapping it across my face. I could feel my mascara running… I must have
looked a state.

 He grabbed my shoulders and moved me on to
my back, my head hanging off the desk giving him unhindered access to my eager
throat. He pushed his cock in again and began to thrust in and out, his hand s
grabbing my big naked tits and his balls slapping against my face. I felt like
a piece of meat, only good for fucking.. and I loved it. I moved my hands down
my jerking body and rubbed my clit, my other hand began to move the big rubber
cock around in my pussy. Oh fuck it felt so good.

“Look at you, you whore, you fuck meat
slut.. that’s it take my cock like a pro”

 I shuddered with a shattering orgasm, my
body arching on the desk with Liam pulling at my hard nipples as he banged his
cock balls deep into my face and released another massive load into me. I
swallowed and swallowed, I was worried I might choke. He kept cumming and I kept
swallowing. Eventually he eased his thick slimy cock from my mouth, drool and
cum ran down my face and I gurgled in slutty happiness.

 I lay there as Liam sorted him self out and
got back into his clothes.

“Fuck that was good” he grinned.

I smiled, rolling onto my side and sliding
a stocking leg up to my tummy, my ass on full display with the end of the cock
locker jutting out with its rubber tube and inflater bulb hanging behind.

“Mmm that was good”, I replied,
twisting the valve and releasing the air in the massive fat dildo. My pussy
tingled as I removed the rubber cock with a slimy pop.

“When I get back from New York I want
to do it again… but next time I want you to bring some friends”, I
smiled bringing the glistening distended dildo to my mouth and sucking on its
still quite extreme size.

“Oh fuck yes, that would be perfect, I
know just the guys, you’re gonna get it good, you wont get a minutes rest”

‘Oh god’ I thought, ‘I fucking love teenage