Love Lost, Love Found

Short Story

Mary was only a year younger than me. We met at a friends birthday party in my sophomore year. I instantly had a crush on the girl with short blond pigtails and braces. Mary had a soft voice and was hard to hear while in the party so we sat outside by the rivers edge and talked.  
Mary’s mother picked her up a little before the party officially ended and I didn’t see her again for four years ironically it was at another party.

Mary had grown up and filled out a lot over the last four years and I almost didn’t recognize her when I first saw her. The party was a graduation party for one of my ex-girlfriends named Shannon, we had remained friends but once I got to the party I realized I was only invited so she could make me jealous.  Shannon kept her new boyfriend attached to her by the elbow at all times and introduced him to me as “My new boyfriend Brent, he is a Sophomore in college.”

I laughed at the introduction and shook his hand as I remembered filling Shannon’s mouth with my cum a few months earlier. I broke up with Shannon because she constantly talked about her ex-boyfriends and how they could make her cum by doing various things to her body. Now if Shannon was so desperate to make me jealous she must be doing the same thing with Brent explaining the details of how I got her off to him every night.

I found the kitchen and saw a dark blue mini skirt first. Short blond hair was tucked behind her ears led down a thin neck to bare shoulders under a very tight  hot pink tank top that showed a very revealing mid drift. Her legs were smooth thin and long with bare feet. Stunned by the gorgeous girl, I stared feeling my penis tingle and begin to grow. Another boy from the party slammed into my right shoulder bringing us both back to reality as he too had been stunned by the girl in the mini skirt.

The soft voice sounded so familiar that I blurted out without thinking, “Marry?”

The beautiful girl turned to look at me her face was long and full with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones. It was Marry but an older way more sexually mature Marry, she wore thick black eyeliner that gave a sexy deviant look to her colorless eyes. Her lips were bright red and smiled wide after examining me for a few moments.

“Justin!” Mary shouted before leaping into my arms for a tight hug. The boy who had run into me moments earlier ran from the kitchen sporting bulging wood in his shorts.

“I can’t believe you are here,” Marry said taking a few steps back to look at me again. Mary’s frontal view was as sexy as her back. The hot pink tee shirt was cut short revealing the lower half of her large firm breast and her abs were so well toned she had the shadow of a six pack.

“I can’t believe you are here either. You look amazing.” I said while trying to delay the growing hard on in my own shorts. “I tried to get in touch with you after that birthday party but they said you moved like a week later.”

“Yeah, dad is a marine and we were shipped out to Florida the next week.” Mary’s face dropped into shadow as she recalled the move. “I tried to find you about a year ago when mom and I moved back to town but couldn’t remember your last name.”

Mary and I poured two strong drinks from the kitchen counter and made our way outside like we did all those years ago. There was no river or dock this time just an over-crowded swimming pool but we managed to find two chairs at a far corner with a stone table between them.

“So how do you know Shannon?” I asked taking a large gulp of the burning brown liquid to calm my nerves.

“Shannon? No, I know Brent,” Mary’s eyes darkened at the mention of his name. “That ass hole invited me to this party to make me jealous. He told me it was just a normal party, though he was going to…”

“Apparently they are both fuck tards then.”

“Both?” Mary asked after draining the cup in one go.

“Yeah, Shannon is my ex and it was apparent when I got here she was just trying to make me jealous.”

“Is it working?”

“Not anymore, I just ran into the girl I’ve been in love with for the last four years,” I said with the unmistakable influence of the alcohol before unwisely emptying my own cup.

Mary didn’t make any comments she just lowered her face and bit her bottom lip in that cute way I remembered from years earlier. I could easily imagine the glint of braces and two pigtails. The burning feeling in my crotch that started when I first saw Mary in the blue skirt was now spreading up my torso and down my legs with the aid of the inhibition inhibiting alcohol, and from the look on Mary’s face it was also working on her. The gravity of our two bodies seemed to increase exponentially as we stared into each other’s eyes. When the wave of heat hit my brain I couldn’t resist anymore, lunging at the bright red lips. Mary responded with more force catching me in the middle and carrying me backward over the chair and into the freshly mowed grass of the yard. A distant cat call momentarily broke the passionate moment and then faded into the white noise of pounding blood.

Mary had been my desire for years that I couldn’t accept the reality of the moment and instead let my imagination carry me further away into fantasy. My right hand found the back of Mary’s head and I laced my fingers into her hair pulling her lips lighter to mine as our tongues fought to increase the others pleasure. Fire erupted between our bodies and I felt Mary’s hands sliding over my body pulling at my belt first and then tugging my shirt up my chest. My free hand found the edge of her skirt and pushed them down as I groped the round ass cheek below. My erection ached with the painful pulsing of blood begging for attention, never before had I received such a hard erection. Sure I’d had sex many times before but something was different tonight with Mary. When Mary’s finger pushed the zipper down on my shorts and rubbed not to gently the length of my erection I screamed a moan of pleasure to the night ignoring the situation and place we were in. The party had faded away into a long forgotten dream replaced only by a pure sexual passion for this bombshell girl. If this was a dream I never wanted to wake up again.

Mary’s hair was falling free from her ears and becoming wild, the change made her sexier like a wild majestic cat so I pulled her into my lips again before tugging the hot pink tank top over her head tossing it carelessly aside. Mary’s breasts were revealed to the world in there perfect glory firm with large areolas and hard pencil like nipples. I released her neck and pulled both of the amazing tits towards my mouth squeezing, licking and sucking. Now it was Mary’s turn to scream out in pleasure and I felt wetness spread over my cock soaking into my boxers only then did I realize the pleasure that was racing from my throbbing erection was Mary grinding her wet pussy into my hard on. Mary was naked on top of me and had done her best to pull my clothes free but failed with me still laying on them. I kicked off my shoes and leaned into Mary’s chest still kissing at her exposed breasts as she pulled my t-shirt away.

Mary kissed my lips again in a sweet loving kiss before pulling her body away from mine. My passion and lust for the girl exploded inside me and I longed for her to return to my touch. The effects of the alcohol still dulled my thoughts but the faces of the many onlookers came into focus for the briefest of moments. Many were smiling, clapping, screaming and even a few were masturbating to the show. It was all still white noise in my ears as the thundering of my own heart prevented me from distinguishing any of it. Mary’s hand tugged hard on my shorts and boxers and in one swift movement pulled them free of my legs tossing them wildly into the crowd. My briefest of concerns of being nude on the grass of my ex-girlfriends yard surrounded by hundreds of faces watching me faded quickly when Mary’s firm tender hands touched my inner thighs.

The heat and passion returned my focus to the beautiful girl before me and reality faded back into the fantasy that was Mary and me. I watched the sexy girl reach between her legs to rub her pussy retrieving a large amount of her own cum that she used to lubricate my cock as she stroked.

As Mary’s had stroked my long shaft I found my voice escaping once again without my control, “Oh god Mary that feels so good!”

Mary licked her smile and said, “I had no idea you would be so big, I hope I can fit it all inside.”

Inside. Inside? Inside! My mind boiled with the excitement of what many variations of inside might mean before my lust exploded with renewed vigor. Mary was stroking my cock but I wanted more, not just to feel my pleasure but to also feel hers. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but when I stood up Mary’s thighs were resting on my shoulders with her dripping wet pussy inches from my nose. I didn’t usually eat girls out preferring to finger fuck them into orgasms but Mary was different from any other. The smell of her cum and wet pussy was intoxicating, driving me mad with lust. I licked the wet slit from bottom to top or from her top to bottom creating the screeching moan I longed to hear from Mary’s lips. She still stroked my cock and though I couldn’t see her I imagined her short hair dangling down as she stroked my large hard cock along the side of her face. Licking and sucking on the tender flesh soon brought another gentle wave of Mary’s fresh cum spilling over my chin and into the crease of our bodies pressed together. This time, Mary’s moans were muffled as she pulled the head of my cock into her mouth starting to suck and lick further and further down on my hard shaft. My arms were wrapped tightly around Mary’s waist holding her in the vertical sixty-nine. The pleasure and time began to weaken my legs and arms. I felt added pressure from Mary’s mouth as she took me deeper into her throat than she had and wondered for a moment where it had come from. My question was soon answered when the feel of many hands began to touch my own flesh fondling my balls and pushing the back of my head further into the pleasure between Mary’s legs. The many lust filled onlookers had begun to participate in Mary and Is’ pleasure. Feelings of excitement, anger, passion, and fear tore at me while the many hands caressed groped and pinched at mine and Mary’s body. I tried to break away and couldn’t as the crowd pressed in tightly. Mary’s lips and tongue gave me no sense of panic from her as she continued to pleasure my shaft with amazing ferocity. I, however, felt the oxygen getting thin and my knees released on there own. I fell through the wave of hands being passed from set to set until I was laying comfortably on a pile of towels. Mary’s grip on my legs released and she continued the sucking of my cock while stroking the shaft with one hand and massaging my ball with the other. The many hands receded with final tweaks of my nipples and a hard slap to Mary’s left butt cheek.

I flicked my tongue for a final time releasing the torrent of Mary’s cum that came with each orgasm. Each time the girl spasmed on my tongue was stronger and responded with larger amounts of cum splashing into my mouth and over my face, chin, neck, and chest. I don’t know how long we were held in that pleasure cycle, what I did know was that my pleasure couldn’t be held back anymore, Mary’s blowjob was far too amazing to resist any longer. I cried out from between Mary’s legs, “I’m cumming!” Unsure as to what Mary would do with that information. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt Mary’s head drop deep over my cock pressing the head of my dick against the back of her throat moaning and vibrating the orgasm from my cock. The cum exploded from my cock shooting hard against the back of Mary’s throat. I heard her choke and gag at the first and second shots of cum until she was forced to pull away keeping just the tip of my cock between her lips. The next few loads of cum filled Mary’s mouth despite her desperate attempts to swallow it all if anything the sucking created by her swallowing forced, even more, cum from my cock into her mouth. Mary’s mouth overflowed with cum dripping from the red lips over my stiff shaft and down her chin. When I was spent my head hit the towels and I gave a final loud moan.

The thunder of my heart beat faded slightly in my ears and the cheers and clapping of the on looking crowd began to sound like distant whispering. I knew they were there now, the mind-numbing effects of alcohol nearly gone from my brain but I was still solely focused on Mary’s beautiful body as it flexed folded and twisted off of me to rest sitting next to me on the towels, she smiled at me with cum covered lips and a deep look of satisfaction on her face.

I sat up and took Mary’s left breast into my right hand as I began to kiss and suck on her right shoulder up her neck.

“That was amazing!” Mary said in a sexual moan.

I pulled away from Mary’s neck and looked into her sexy colorless eyes, it was like looking perfection in the face, “What do you mean was? I’m not done with you yet?” Then sliding my free hand behind her neck and lacing my fingers into her hair again I pulled her lips to mine. The sweet salty taste of my cum assaulted my tongue with renewed fire and passion. My erection never faded from exploding loads of cum into Mary’s mouth and so I swung her onto my lap positioning her over my still wet throbbing dick. Mary couldn’t speak but her moans of shock and surprise were accompanied by wild flailing of her arms. The cum on hers and my faces mixed attempting to glue us together. I left Mary’s sweet lips kissing and sucking down her beautiful jaw and neck. The protesting moans and flailing arms returned to passionate caressing and cries of extasy. Marys left hand gripped the back of my head as her right held tight to my left bicep. When the tip of my hard cock touched the wet slit of Mary’s pussy she released a sigh of relief as would a person dying of thirst getting a drink of cool water. Mary relaxed her legs sliding further down my penis. Her cock was tight, wet and burning hot. When her ass came to rest on my hips I could feel the head of my cock pressed hard against the bottom of her channel and she screamed and wild guttural scream of pleasure, pain, and passion. The world once again faded into the sexual passion that was Mary and me, the extended fantasy developing us and hiding our minds from anything but the pleasure of each other’s bodies.

Mary rose up and down flexing her long slender legs and repeatedly impaled herself on my hard cock. I explored her incredible body with my hands, squeezing and groping her breasts and ass. I caressed, kissed, and sucked on every inch of her I could reach until my fingers found the soft wet bundle of flesh at the top of her pussy. My first touch made Mary scream with another countless orgasm. I rubbed the pleasure button as she drove herself down on my cock, drawing increasingly powerful cries of pleasure from the lips of the most amazing girl I’d ever met. The firm perky tits bounced pleasantly in front of my face still glistening with my saliva and mixture of cum. I wanted everything this amazing girl had to offer and soon was running her through every sex position I could remember. I started with doggie style my hips slapping against her nice round ass, then passionately kissing her neck as I pumped my dick in and out of her burning hot pussy in the missionary position.

Every cry of pleasure from Mary signaled a new change in position until I lifted her up for her to wrap her legs around my waste. She pressed her feet into my but cheeks to achieve enough lift to slide herself up and down the now dripping wet shaft of my cock. I kissed this girl with every ounce of passion and felt her final orgasm growing to excess with my own.

Mary must have sensed my hesitation at cumming inside her and pulled free of my lips just long enough to scream, “Don’t stop whatever you do don’t pull out!”

I climaxed as she did, Mary’s feet slipped free driving herself fully down on my hard shaft, I could feel her pussy tighten vice like on my cock drawing out stream after stream of hot cum. I filled her pussy with my hot sticky seed but the orgasm never seemed to stop. My testicles were emptied of every drop of cum and our bodies continued responding to each other by continuing the pleasure. My knees began to weaken as the last spasms faded. Mary pulled free of my lips and smiled a wide pleased smile, I held her for another moment to savor her body still held tightly against mine, my cock still deep inside the pussy that was dripping with my hot sticky cum.

Forceful hands contacted my left shoulder and I was suddenly air born falling sideways. A blistering rush swallowed every nerve in my body as I sank into icy depths. The sudden removal of oxygen nearly forced a panic breath. Mary’s head soon emerged from the pools water beside me and I looked up to see Shannon’s face contorted in rage screaming at me.

“Ruined my party, with this slut, you ass hole.” The rest of Shannon’s rant was incoherent as she left for the house dragging Brent by his left wrist behind her. Brent’s face stayed looking back at the pool with a mixture of, panic, confusion, sadness, and terror. The many other guests were gathering up there things and heading toward the exit obviously accepting the fact the party was over. Several couples were left fucking in the grass or behind a bush but soon finished with grunts of orgasms.

Mary’s laugh at the look on Brent’s face brought my attention back to her. She was wet, having been just dunked in the pool, the dark makeup around her eyes stayed fixed but the red lips were back to Mary’s natural rosy color. The short blond hair hung down in string clusters dripping water back into the pool. She looked even sexier naked and wet.

“Can I give you a ride home?” I asked.

Mary smiled and nodded with that cute innocent girl nod. It was amazing how she could be both the cute girl next door and the hot sexy goddess at the same time. We climbed out of the pool and attempted to find our clothes. Mary’s hot pink tank top was lost or stolen and my cum soaked boxers were also missing. I put my shorts on commando and gave Mary my t-shirt to wear.

“So does this mean you are my boyfriend?” Mary asked signing the back of my hand with her phone number.

“I’ll be anything you want.”

“Oh, role playing! Kinky!” Mary said before kissing my cheek and leaning in close to my ear to whisper. “I’ll see you tomorrow lover, I love you too.”

The whispered words caused another immediate orgasm inside me. If I had any cum left in me I would have jizzed the inside of my shorts. I watched Mary until she disappeared behind the front door of her house appreciating every step she took walking away. I was the luckiest guy in the world but the drive home was a mixture of elation and dread. Shannon would want payback for what happened at her party. Even though we were broken up and she was dating Brent I knew she still wouldn’t let it go.

Beaver Hunt

Short Story

Thinking of the perfect gift is always hard
when you want it to be just the right one for that special someone in your
life. My husband’s birthday is next week and I still haven’t found the perfect
gift for him yet. His favourite past time second to sex is hunting. I decided
to pick up one of his hunting magazines and see if it would give me some kind
of idea. I started to read an article about a beautiful hunting lodge in
Pennsylvania, where there was plenty of white tail dear to hunt. I realized
this would make a great gift. He’s been overworked lately at the office and
under a lot of stress. He will never expect a surprise trip like this.

I called and booked the hunt for the
following week. They were very friendly and helpful there, they gave me all the
details, and he will have 5 full days of peaceful hunting. I have never gotten
into hunting with him; I enjoy staying back and catching up on my reading. This
lodge appears to be a beautiful place just for that. I called my husband at
work and told him we are going on a trip next week, don’t ask and questions and
just trust me. He sounded surprised and hesitant for a moment and finally just
replied “okay”.

The morning of our departure finally
arrived; my husband still had no idea where we were going. Nothing went right
that morning, first our friends were late picking us up for the airport, we
finally got on the road, and traffic was a nightmare. We finally reached the
airport without much time to spare and realized I forgot my own luggage. The
lady at the airline counter was very rude which did not help my mood. During
the check in process it was discovered they messed up on our seating assignment
and we were not sitting together or even close. After speaking to a supervisor,
they finally were able to make some adjustments and seat us together. We were
then directed to our gate after spending 15 minutes trying to get through the
metal detectors and figure out why my husband kept setting the alarm off! Just
as I begin to feel this trip was a mistake, we finally get through the metal
detectors and arrive at our gate. We were one of the last ones to board as we
were late arriving. Once inside and seated, we took a deep breath and looked at
each other with pure relief. I really hope things start looking up from here.

Our flight lasted almost 6 hours and it was
uneventful. By now my husband knew we were going to Pennsylvania obviously,
however he still had no idea why. After getting his luggage, we went to the car
rental counter and rented a nice SUV. I asked an employee if he was familiar
with the hunting lodge and showed him the address. The employee was very
familiar with it, even stated how beautiful it was there. He gave me directions
which seemed easy enough however after the morning I just had, I didn’t want to
jump the gun and get excited yet.

We arrived at the lodge without any
difficulty. My husband saw the name of the lodge and realized what type of
lodge it was, his face immediately lit up as I leaned over to give him a kiss and
tell him Happy Birthday. I knew instantly I had found the perfect gift for him.
He suddenly stopped and said “I can’t hunt, I don’t have my bow”, I
just smiled and told him “I had your bow and hunting equipment shipped
here 2 days ago, with the hope you wouldn’t notice it missing from home”.
He kissed me and reminded me of what a lucky guy he was.

A very handsome man which appeared to be in
his late thirties or very early forties came over and introduced himself as
George, our guide for the trip. I noticed immediately how handsome of a guy he
was. He didn’t dress fancy, jeans and a t-shirt, but they looked great on him!
He had dark hair and a medium build. He had very mysterious eyes that I found
myself getting lost in. As I diverted my attention back to my husband, I
realized both him and my husband noticed my thoughts were somewhere else, I
felt my face get red with embarrassment. George suggested a tour of the
property after we had a chance to get settled in our room. He led us to our
room so we could freshen up and leave the luggage. This reminded me, I didn’t
have any luggage and would need to find a place to go shopping and buy a few
things. I asked George if there was a mall nearby, he said the nearest one was
about an hour away. I told him my predicament and he suggested having Suzie the
lodge receptionist take me to the mall while my husband and him spent some time
going over plans for the next 5 days. This was a great idea to me! We made
plans to go in about an hour.

Suzie was a very pleasant person to be
with; she was a little younger than I with long dark hair and green eyes. She
was very attractive with a sweet personality. We talked quite a bit on the way
to the mall as she shared quite a bit about her personal life. She had ended a
relationship about a year ago and was still single and looking for Mr. Right.

I was able to find everything I needed
including a very sexy black see thru negligee; I know this one will drive my
husband crazy! Suzie and I continued to talk on the way home and made plans to
spend some more time together while the boys were out hunting.

That night at the dinner table, I found it
hard to take my eyes off George. I loved the way he made those jeans look like
they were made for him personally. His eyes were so mysterious; I couldn’t draw
my attention away from him for a single moment. I could only hope my husband
didn’t notice. My husband was telling stories of previous hunts he had been on
and was having a really good time doing so. By now George was staring at me as
much as I was him. I felt a warm feeling rush through my body like a high
school girl with her first crush. I also felt my pussy begin to get moist and
throb, George was now starting to excite me in other ways. I didn’t understand
what was going on with me; I had not been with any other man since I met my
husband. Now there was this handsome stranger and all I could think of was
wanting to spend more time with him.

The next morning, the men headed out early
for their first day of hunting. I went downstairs about 7am and found Suzie
eating breakfast with a few others. I sat down as Suzie introduced me to the
others at the table. We chatted for a while during breakfast, when I was
finished I excused myself from the table and went upstairs to take a shower.

As the hot water flowed down my body and
over my breasts, I began thinking of George. I felt my nipples begin to get
hard and my clit throb. I slowly ran my fingertips around each of my nipples,
pinching each one gently; this sent a feeling of pleasure through my body. I
continued to run my hands along my body stopping at my pussy which was
throbbing and very wet. I slowly began to rub my hard clit back and forth
causing myself to let out a moan. I then stuck one finger inside my wet hole
slowly fucking myself; I then stuck a second finger inside causing even more
pleasure to rush through my body. I fingered my wet hole vigorously going
deeper and harder each time.

My thoughts were on George and imagining
him between my legs eating my pussy, this took me into an almost instant orgasm
as my knees buckled and my pussy began to quiver, the wave of pleasure shot
through my body as my orgasm began to build. Just then I knew I couldn’t hold
back any longer and came with such force as I let out the most satisfying moan
of pure pleasure. I tried to catch my breath and gather myself once again. I
slowly took the fingers I used to fuck myself with and sucked my sweet nectar
off of them while thinking to myself George has never tasted anything as sweet
as I. I then remembered the dildo I picked up yesterday while shopping with
Suzie. I found it in a great adult store near the mall, they had so many great
toys in there, I could have spent all day and would have loved to buy one of
everything however, I decided on one 8-inch dildo.

Just as I was about to exit the bathroom, I
saw Suzie standing there staring at me as she fingered her own pussy. She could
tell I was startled and responded by apologizing to me for scaring me. She said
she had come up to ask me if I would like to go shopping today at a great new
clothing store. She said when I didn’t answer the door, she proceeded to open
it to make sure I was okay and then noticed me in the shower and froze. She
said she became excited watching me finger myself and give myself an orgasm.
She was really feeling turned on and didn’t understand it because she had never
thought of being with a woman before.

I myself had never been with a woman before
either however, I had to admit watching Suzie stand there and finger her wet
pussy turned me on. I invited her to sit on the bed; we both just sat there for
a second and stared at each other. I went to reach for a strand of her hair and
she grabbed my hand kissing it gently and licking the fingers I had just
fingered myself with.

She said she was dreaming of tasting my cum
as she watched me lick my fingers in the shower.

I found myself getting wet all over again
as she sucked my fingers, it sent a chill down my spine and a feeling of
excitement I can’t explain. I reached up and felt one of her breasts feeling
that her nipples were already rock hard as my own. Her breasts were a little
smaller than mine, she was probably a B cup as I am a C cup, her breasts were
hard and round perfect in shape. I rubbed her nipple through her top then started
to slowly unbutton her blouse one button at a time exposing soft pink nipples
ready for more attention.

After removing her top and her bra, I took
one of her nipples into my mouth running my tongue around it teasing it. I felt
her body tense and her back arch as she let out a slight moan. I started to
suck on her nipple gently biting it once in a while; this caused her to moan a
little louder. I eased her back to a laying position on my bed as I started to
unbutton her jeans. I was able to slide her jeans off only leaving her in a
pair of black lace panties. I slipped my hand into them working my way down to
her wetness. I could instantly feel the heat of her pussy and the throb, the
need for pleasure. My fingers found her hole; I started out rubbing her clit
back and forth feeling her juice everywhere my finger moved. I started to run
my tongue down her stomach and around her naval as I slowly eased my finger
into her wet pussy. Her moans almost became cries now of pure pleasure. I felt
my own tight pussy getting very wet and throbbing with much force. I can’t
remember ever feeling this erotic, I was on fire!

I continued to run my tongue around her
abdomen area slowly making my way down inch by inch until my tongue rested
between her legs. I gently spread her lips and slowly ran my tongue around her
clit tasting her wetness, I continued to run my tongue around her clit area
then slowly into her wet hole, just then she let out a loud moan and her body
stiffened as she begged me to eat her pussy. I began to fuck her pussy with my
tongue causing her to scream out in complete sexual pleasure. I would stop long
enough to suck her clit and then fuck her again with my tongue.

She started saying she couldn’t hold back
much longer just as I grabbed my new dildo and slowly inserted it into her ass
as I continued to eat her pussy. I started out slow with the dildo and then
more rapid, her body was becoming out of control as I began to fuck her with
the dildo even faster getting it deeper into her ass each time. She began to
scream “I’m cumming”, just then I tasted a flow of warm sweet cum run
out of her pussy and into my mouth. I continued to lick teasing her now very
sensitive clit.

Just then there was a knock at my bedroom
door, both of us frozen in place. The voice yelled out, “Mrs. Carney are
you in there”? I recognized the voice; it was George, sweet handsome
George! I asked him to hold on a moment. Suzie was scared, she didn’t want to
get caught and lose her job. In my heart I knew George was just too sweet of a
guy to get an employee, like her, fired. I told her to just calm down and relax
and gave her my husband’s robe to put on. I slipped my own robe on and opened
the door.

I don’t think shock would quite describe
George’s face as he looked into the room, his eyes moving from Suzie and back
to me. I invited him to come in; he mumbled something about my husband staying
out with the others for a while and wanted to let me know so I wouldn’t worry.

I asked him again to please come in and
reached for his hand to lead him into my room. He admitted he didn’t feel
comfortable being there, however I looked down and saw a huge bulge in his
jeans. I just smiled and pulled him into the room.

I admitted to him, as I started to rub his
cock, that I found him to be extremely sexy and I couldn’t take my eyes off of
him from the time we got there. He blushed and told me how beautiful I was.
Suzie walked over and helped me lift his t-shirt off, after that I unbuttoned
his jeans as Suzie unzipped them. We finally got him out of his jeans and
boxers and there stood a very stiff cock just waiting for some fun.

I started to stroke his cock as George took
my face and began to kiss me passionately, our tongues teasing each other and
enjoying each other’s taste. He began to slowly kiss my neck and behind my ear,
sending me into a sexual frenzy. Suzie and I took each of his hands and led him
to the bed. He stood at the end of the bed as Suzie and I began to suck his
hard cock. I started out teasing the head of his dick as she would suck each of
his swollen balls, then we took turns sucking every inch of him savouring the
taste of his pre-cum. I took my tongue and licked up some precum off the tip of
his cock and Suzie sucked it off my tongue.

George reached down taking my long hair gently
into his hands and then grabbing my head pushing his cock deep into my mouth, I
could feel him touching my tonsils, I wanted every inch of this man!

As I continued to suck his dick, Suzie made
her way between my legs and began to suck and lick my wet pussy. This almost
made me cum instantly however I fought the urge; I wanted to hold on a little
longer. Suzie continued to lick and suck my clit and then stuck her tongue deep
into my hole fucking me with it hard, I felt myself starting to loose control as
I exploded, sweet warm cum came pouring out of my pussy and into her mouth.

Just then George leaned down and started to
taste my sweet juices licking and savouring every bit of it. When he stood up
again, I took his hard dick back into my mouth sucking every inch of him,
suddenly the door opened and there stood my husband holding his bow and a look
of pure shock on his face!

None of us moved at first, suddenly Suzie
walked over to him and led him by the hand back to the bed. Suzie pushed him
down on the bed and told him to relax and enjoy the fun. She then unzipped his
pants and took his now semi hard cock into her hand as she knelt down. She
started licking his cock up and down the length of his shaft. He quickly became
as hard as I had ever seen it.

I started to suck Georges dick again as my
husband just stared at me, his facial expression changed from shock to pleasure
as quickly as his dick got hard. As he was having his dick sucked by Suzie he
watched me suck Georges and just gave me a big smile.

George was in his own world of pleasure
enjoying the feeling of me sucking his cock. I could taste more and more
pre-cum and knew it wouldn’t be long before he blew a nut in my mouth. I told
him I wanted him to explode in my mouth, I let him know I wanted to taste and
swallow every last wonderful drop of him.

I turned to look at my husband who had
since lost some of the interest in me and had more on Suzie. She had already
taken his pants off of him sucking his hard cock and fingering her own wet
pussy. She was taking his entire shaft into her mouth and each time her tongue
would lick his balls.

I felt George stiffen and take in a deep
breath, just then he let out a huge moan and pulled his cock away from my mouth
just as his cock started spraying cum onto my tits, I grabbed his cock and
forced it into my mouth sucking each drop and savoring his wonderful taste. I
wanted more of this man; I looked up into his eyes and asked him to fuck me.

I could hear my husband moaning behind me
as the sound of Suzie sucking his cock became louder and fiercer.

George bent me over the bed and slowly
pushed his cock into my tight wet pussy. He started out putting in one inch at
a time, and oh he felt so good! Finally, he got his entire cock into my tight
hole and began thrusting back and forth moving slow then suddenly faster
leaving me wanting more of him.

I turned just as I heard Suzie moan and saw
her on top of my husband riding him like a wild bull. My husband’s eyes were
shut tight taking deep breaths and trying not to moan out loud. Suzie was
moaning loud at this point and I could see her pussy dripping juice down my
husband’s balls.

Watching another woman fuck my husband
turned me on so much! I began to tell George to fuck me harder; I suddenly
wanted him deep and wanted him to pound my wet pussy even harder.

George began to lose control and started to
moan and yell, “your pussy is so tight”! “I want to cum in your
tight pussy”!

At this point I couldn’t hold back any
longer and I let go and screamed a sound of pleasure as I came all over Georges
cock, drenching his dick and balls, just then George lost control himself and
shot a hot load of cum deep into my pussy. I felt wave after wave of hot cum
shoot inside my pussy as he came for the second time. I moved out from in front
of George and took his cock into my mouth sucking the last of the cum off his
cock, and cleaning all of my sweet juices from his shaft.

We both lay together watching Suzie fuck
the shit out of my husband. My husband flipped Suzie over onto the bed driving
his cock deep into her pussy pounding her like there was no tomorrow causing
Suzie to scream out in complete sexual satisfaction, by now my husband was no
longer holding back his own moans either. My husband began to pound her fast
and hard taking his cock as deep as it would go, Suzie let go and exploded all
over his cock and balls just as he let go as well and came deep into her pussy.

I went over to my husband and took his cock
and shoved it into my mouth sucking his cock clean and savouring his wonderful
taste as well. I can’t remember the last time either of us came as hard as we
did today.

Suzie took my husband by the hand and led
him to the shower where they soaped and felt each other up. George made his way
down to my dripping pussy and slowly started to run his tongue around my
swollen clit, sucking then licking and teasing. I was tired however I wanted
more of him so I just laid back and enjoyed the wonderful feeling. He began to
eat my pussy fucking me with his tongue, sticking it in deep then sucking my
clit and licking around my hole, this began to drive me crazy as I grabbed his
head and shoved it into my pussy begging him to take me. He continued to eat my
pussy until I once again had a mind-blowing orgasm and came right in his mouth.
This time I made him share my sweet nectar with me.

Later that evening after having time to
relax and catch our breath, we all agreed on one thing, we would make this trip
a ritual every year, plus George and Suzie would come out to our home once a year
and spend a week experiencing more mind blowing sexual pleasure!

My husband leaned over kissing me hard on
the mouth thanking me for the best birthday present a man could dream of. Maybe
I should start thinking of other surprises for him, I sure enjoyed this one!

Eddy and Annie Invite Ryan

Short Story

From the first moment I met Annie I was in lust with her. Petite with big blue eyes and curly red hair, she was a lithe little fox that dazzled most men. She was of course hopelessly out of my reach, being the girlfriend of Eddy, one of my best mates.

Eddy and I played basketball together at uni and I’d been enduring his tales about his new girl for weeks. It started out with him saying he’d pulled this gorgeous 19-year old babe in a pub, then a few days later about how they spent hours making out on their first date, and so on until he boasted about ‘fucking her raw’. His descriptions of her were glorious and detailed, and in my mind I’d built her up to be some sort of goddess long before I finally met her.

When I did get to see her in the flesh at last, she more than lived up to my expectations. It was a hot day in early August and a couple of friends and I had decided to head out to the local lake for some much-needed cooling down and relaxation. A couple of the guys brought their girlfriends with them, including Eddy.

When I first saw Annie as she strolled up to our little stretch of lakeside beach, holding hands with Eddy with her hips swaying delicately, I couldn’t help but stare. She was indeed glorious, petite but curvy with small firm breasts and flaring hips hidden behind a modest orange bikini. Her long red hair, naturally curly, was hanging loosely around her shoulders which were dotted with freckles. Her nose and cheeks were slightly freckled too, a trait that only added to her sexiness.

Introductions were made and the afternoon passed languidly with the group swigging increasingly lukewarm beer interspersed with the occasional dip in the cold waters of the lake. Annie and I clicked the instant we got talking, my self-deprecating humour and her sharp wit somehow matching up perfectly and we spent the afternoon critiquing other lakeside visitors, from bad choices in swimwear to questionable facial hair styles.

Eddy noticed I was hogging his girl a bit and made sure to break us up repeatedly by either dragging Annie in to the water or laying down on the beach between us and changing the topic of our conversation. I didn’t mind – if I had a girl like Annie I’d be jealously guarding her too, so I couldn’t blame him much.

Once when Eddy had dragged his girlfriend in to the lake I decided to join them, both to cool down a bit and to finish the conversation I’d been having with Annie about an obscure actress I thought nobody else had heard of but of whom Annie was a big fan.

We continued to chat as we swam with Eddy hovering around us and splashing water at us repeatedly, which finally managed to stop our talk and get Annie entangled with her boyfriend and me sheepishly hanging around.

I decided to do some proper swimming and give Eddy some time with his girl, so I swam deeper into the lake until the water got too cold for my liking. I headed back and saw Eddy and Annie playing around in the shallow bits. Only their heads were above water and they were doing some serious kissing and undoubtedly some underwater petting and groping.

As I approached they separated and Annie headed to the shore, with Eddy swimming further in to the lake, probably to let his erection die down. Annie let me catch up with her as we both headed back to the beach, and I noticed her cheeks were rosy and her breath a little hurried.

She greeted me and swam alongside me as we slowly headed back to the beach, and suddenly I felt her hand touch my leg underwater. I slowed down a bit and looked at her, but her face betrayed nothing of what her hand was doing under the surface as she continued chatting with me.

I felt her hand move to my crotch, searching and finding my cock through my swimming trunks. She squeezed it and rubbed my dick slightly with her small lean-fingered hand and I hardened rapidly under her touch.

She let go of me just before we reached the shore and strolled out of the lake, water cascading down her gorgeous body. I hung around in the shallows a bit to let my sudden arousal fade and my cock lose its steelhard stiffness before I got out of the water as well.

The rest of the afternoon passed uneventfully. Eddy, maybe sensing there was something going on between me and Annie, kept his girl separated from me and finally made an early exit entirely, dragging a reluctant Annie with him. I stayed at the lake until all the beer was gone and the sun started to set.


I didn’t see Eddy nor Annie again until the start of the new basketball season in early September. At our first practice Eddy showed no animosity towards me, so I hoped he’d forgotten about how I’d flirted with his girlfriend at the lake that day.

After practice Eddy asked if I could come by his place to drop off a new videogame I’d been playing so he could give it a try. I agreed and a few days later on a Saturday afternoon I headed to Eddy’s house. Like myself, Eddy still lived with his parents as the university we went to was nearby for both of us.

When I arrived at Eddy’s place he opened the door for me and welcomed me in. He was wearing tracksuit pants and nothing else, which I didn’t find surprising as it was a pretty warm day. I’d dressed in shorts and a loose shirt myself.

“Hey Ryan, good to see ya. Come on up, it’s just me and Annie here. The folks are away for the weekend.” He closed the door behind me and lead the way to his room. I was surprised to hear that Annie was in as well – I’d expected it to be a typical guys-only afternoon with loads of gaming and swearing at the computer, but with Annie here that was unlikely to happen. It would probably end up as a short stop to drop off the game and I’d be back at my own home, but then without my current favourite videogame to play.

Eddy’s room was on the top floor of the three-story house. His room occupied the whole of the attic with a large skylight providing daylight. Annie, dressed in tight jeans and a red sleeveless top, was lying on the narrow one-person bed in the corner of the room under the slanted roof and looked up from a magazine as I came in.

“Hi Ryan!” she exclaimed and came over to give me a cosy hug. I returned the hug, glancing at Eddy but he didn’t seem to mind – he was actually grinning as he watched Annie hugging me.

“Go ahead and install the game on my PC,” Eddy said as he pulled Annie out of my arms and on to his bed. I moved to his computer desk and settled on the chair as Eddy and Annie lay down on the bed. Immediately they started making out, seemingly forgetting about me entirely.

I shook my head and focused on installing the game on Eddy’s computer. It was a straightforward installation that, after the initial few clicks, required a lot of waiting as the files were copied to the PC’s drive. I leaned back in the chair and looked over to the bed were Annie was now lying on top of Eddy and they were kissing intensely with lots of tongue action.

I suppose I was meant to look away and give them some semblance of privacy, but I figured he’d invited me in here and Annie was quite a sight for sore eyes, so I kept watching the two as they made out with abundant passion. It was actually arousing to watch and I felt a bit of a voyeur.

After a couple of minutes they finally broke their lip and tongue lock and looked at me. Annie giggled. Eddy asked “are you enjoying the view, mate?”

I grinned at him and folded my hands behind my head, leaning back further in the chair. “I sure am,” I said, “don’t stop on my behalf.”

“Hmm, we won’t then,” said Annie as she cupped Eddy’s face and pulled him back into a kiss. I chuckled and kept watching them as they continued their tongue-gymnastics until the PC pinged at me, signalling the completed installation of the game.

I turned my attention back to the computer and as I was wrapping up the game’s installation I heard Annie and Eddy whispering to each other, with some giggling and chuckling going on. I pretended not to notice and started up the game, hoping to show Eddy the game’s opening cinematics which were quite impressive.

But before I got that chance Eddy and Annie had gotten up from the bed and were heading out of his room. “We’re, uh, going to my parents’ room, okay?” Eddy said as he was almost dragged out of the room by a visibly aroused Annie. “Just hang around here and play your game,” Eddy managed to say before a giggling Annie pulled him down the stairs to the first floor.

I sighed and settled back in the chair, knowing all too well what Eddy and Annie would be up to in his parents’ bedroom one floor below. I thought about sneaking down and trying to watch, but decided against it – a little bit of voyeurism was one thing, but if I got caught watching them have sex it might mean the end of our friendship and would lead to some mighty uncomfortable situations at basketball practice.

I skipped the game’s opening cinematics and started a new game. As I waited for the opening level to load I listened intently from any noise coming from downstairs, but I heard nothing. I was slightly turned on by the knowledge that only one floor below me my friend was having sex with a gorgeous young woman, and I decided the game was insufficient distraction from this.

I closed the game and fired up Firefox to start hunting for online porn. If Eddy was having fun downstairs I might as well have some fun of my own, however shallow in comparison.

But before I’d even begun typing the URL of my favourite free porn site I heard the bedroom door one floor down open and Eddy’s voice calling out. “Hey Ryan, come down here for a sec, will ya?”

I was confused. Why did Eddy want me downstairs? Wasn’t he supposed to be having wild sex with his girlfriend? I sighed, closed Firefox and headed down the stairs.

I found Eddy’s parents’ bedroom door slightly ajar and the sounds of rustling bedsheets coming from the room. I hesitated for a moment. “Come on in Ryan,” I heard Annie say from within the room.

I pushed the door open and stepped in. Eddy’s parents bedroom was dominated by a huge king-sized bed with sand-coloured sheets. Annie and Eddy were lying under the sheets, which were pulled up right to their necks. I couldn’t tell how dressed they still were but what I could see from Annie’s shoulders seemed to lack the straps of the top she’d been wearing before.

They were both looking at me and smiling somewhat nervously. “So, Ryan…” Eddy began, but he seemed lost for words after that. Annie continued on his behalf. “Eddy and I have been talking, you know, and, well, we’ve been experimenting with, you know, what we do in bed…” She blushed and hesitated, at which point Eddy seemed to have regained his courage and said “basically we want you to join us in a threesome.”

I blinked and stood there, my mind a confused whirl of thoughts, unsure of what to say or do. Annie locked her eyes on me and leaned towards Eddy, and I saw her arm move under the sheets towards Eddy’s groin. She seemed to grip his cock, a soft groan coming from Eddy, and started to move her hand to bring life to Eddy’s dick.

The sheets had fallen down a bit as she’d leant over Eddy, revealing the beginning of her chest where the curves of her firm breasts began. She kept stroking Eddy’s cock which was rapidly growing under her touch, her eyes never leaving mine. Eddy leaned his head back on the pillow as his girlfriend stroked his member to full erection under the bedsheets.

I felt my own cock hardening in my pants, and my hand moved down automatically to adjust it to give it space. Annie watched me as I did, smiling, and licked her lips. That seemed to do it for me – whatever would happen, I wanted to fuck this gorgeous little fox of a girl, and if I had to do it together with her boyfriend then so be it.

I pulled off my t-shirt and kicked off my shoes. As I struggled to get rid of my socks Eddy chuckled, and with a sweep of his arm he pulled the sheets off the bed. Both he and Annie were naked, and the first thing I noticed was the size of Eddy’s dick.

It was positively huge. Annie’s lean fingers barely managed to wrap around Eddy’s shaft entirely as she stroked him slowly, a solid nine inches protruding from a trimmed bundle of black pubes. Eddy was definitely better endowed than me.

The next thing I focused my attention on were Annie’s breasts. They were small and firm and capped with small pink nipples that stood out proudly. Perfectly shaped tits that begged to be palmed and handled, kissed and squeezed and sprayed with cum and rubbed vigorously.

My gaze wandered further down Annie’s body, admiring her tight tummy and shapely hips, until my eyes caught sight of that wonderful valley between her legs. She was shaved entirely bare, not a hint of hair in sight, and her pussy was magnificently formed with pink lips protruding ever so slightly. Now I licked my lips as I imagined diving in there and tasting her.

I pulled off my socks and then, without further ado, got rid of my underwear as well. I had started to shave entirely down there so I was as bald as Annie. My shaft was standing straight out and pulsed with my heartbeat, its purple head swollen and eager.

Annie patted the bed on her other side and I climbed on it, laying down next to her so she was between me and Eddy. She reached for my throbbing fuckstick and her slender fingers wrapped around my steel shaft. She squeezed me before beginning the same slow, deliberate stroking motion she’d been giving Eddy all this time.

Annie looked at me, then Eddy, and then me again, a wide smile playing across her full lips. “Now what am I going to do with these two?” she asked as she squeezed both our cocks.

I moved on to my side and reached for her breasts with one hand, cupping one of her gorgeous firm tits and squeezing it, then letting my fingers play across her hard nipple.

She gasped lightly and I leaned in further, releasing my grip on her tit to let my mouth take over. I wrapped my lips around her small hard nipple and sucked lightly, then opened my mouth wider and sucked more of her firm tit into my mouth.

Eddy moved down the bed and Annie spread her legs to accommodate him. He settled in between her legs and attacked her cunt hungrily. Annie closed her eyes and leant her head back, her hand still wrapped tightly around my pulsating dick.

I moved from one breast to the other, engulfing them with my mouth, sucking her nipples and squeezing them roughly with my big hands.

Eddy licked her cunt furiously, dipping his tongue in to her moist pussy. He then slid one finger in to her fuckhole, slowly pushing it into her until his knuckles touched her cunt. He fingerfucked her slowly as he licked her clit, then added a second finger and started fingering her thoroughly. Annie moaned and squirmed under Eddy’s assault on her pussy and my treatment of her delicious tits.

Annie pulled on my cock and grunted “come up here, let me suck it”, to which I happily obliged. I abandoned her tits and kneeled on the bed beside her head, my raging man-meat aimed at her face. She didn’t hesitate for a moment and immediately wrapped her full lips around my angry cockhead, engulfing my steelhard fuckmeat.

I groaned and grabbed her long red hair, pushing her further down on my throbbing cock. She moaned and tried to swallow the full length of my fuckstick, her tiny mouth stretching to accommodate it.

Eddy in the meantime continued working on Annie’s soaked cunt, alternately sticking his fingers and his tongue in her love-canal and lapping up her musky juices. As Annie’s mouth moved up and down the length of my pulsing dick, Eddy released her cunt from his oral assault and moved to aim his gigantic fuckmeat at her wet hole.

I had front-row seats to the spectacle as he slowly pushed his titanic dick into her, her cunt-lips stretching around his massive member. She moaned louder, my cock embedded in her hungry mouth, as Eddy invaded her cunt with his dick that seemed unable to fit in there.

Somehow he made it fit, though not entirely – almost two inches of his throbbing monster were still outside and a painful jerk from Annie signalled he’d bottomed out. “Careful,” she whispered, “not too deep”, before once more swallowing nearly all of my dick.

I suddenly realised the problem – Eddy was too big. Annie was a petite woman and his massive nine-incher bumped into her cervix well before he had his full length in her. This was obviously a painful experience for her, which meant Eddy could never pump all of his massive boner into her without also causing her significant pain. I wondered if my own more modest six and a half inches would fit, knowing my chance would definitely come very soon.

Eddy began fucking Annie with slow, deliberate thrusts, ensuring he didn’t push too deep every time he shoved his huge fuckmeat forward. Annie’s attention to my own fuckstick continued unwaveringly, as she moved her tongue around my throbbing shaft in her mouth.

I didn’t need to push her head forward any more as she eagerly tried to swallow as much as possible of my hard cock, rapidly moving her mouth up and down my length. She wrapped one of her hands around the base of my cock, fingers caressing the bulbous sack of my balls, and with her other hand she grabbed her one of her tits, squeezing roughly.

I leaned over a bit and put my hand on her other tit, squeezing and rubbing it with equal roughness, my fingers pinching her hard nipple. She moaned at this and tried to deep-throat my cock, pushing herself forward as my cock stretched her mouth and rubbed against the back of her throat. She came close to embedding my full length in her throat but had to relent, releasing my throbbing member from her mouth, her saliva dripping from my steely shaft.

She squeezed my balls as she looked up at me with a wide grin, gasping “nearly there.” Eddy in the meantime pumped his monster dick into her tight cunt over and over and, losing a bit of his composure, pressed too deep again, soliciting a pained yelp from his girlfriend.

She glared at him, then pushed him off her. “Time to switch” she said with such total authority that neither I nor Eddy dared to object.

She lithely turned around and got on her hands and knees, her face in Eddy’s crotch and her curvaceous ass pointing invitingly towards me. She got working on Eddy’s engorged manhood instantly, wrapping her luscious lips around his man-meat. She couldn’t get even half of his fuckstick into her mouth but she sure gave it a brave attempt.

I turned my attention to the banquet of feminine pleasures now laid out before me. Her ass was heart-shaped and perfectly curved, with her dripping pussy peaking out from just below the pink sphincter of her asshole. I decided to get as much of this as possible so I leaned in and buried my mouth between her gorgeous asscheeks.

Annie groaned and wiggled her ass in my face as she gorged on Eddy’s cock. My tongue found the folds of her soaked cunt and I tried to shove as much of it into her fuck-chute as possible, thirsty for her juices. She tasted magnificently, her nectar a perfect mix of musky bitterness and creamy sweetness, and I knew right then and there that I’d have to taste this more often.

My hands cupped her asscheeks firmly as my mouth assaulted her moist cunt, my tongue dipping into her folds, then lapping along the whole length of her slit. I let my tongue roam upwards to her pink ass which I teased momentarily with the tip of my tongue, eliciting a groan from Annie, before I ventured back to her soaked pussy.

As juicy as her cunt tasted in my mouth, the need to stuff my fuckmeat into her was growing beyond control. After several delicious minutes of tongue-fucking her canal I decided it was time to put my cock where my mouth was. Yet as I lifted up from her pussy I couldn’t help but linger at her ass for a moment, quickly pushing my tongue against her tight pink sphincter and feeling it relent ever so slightly, provoking another groan from Annie who was busy trying to choke on Eddy’s titanic cock.

Torn between eating her ass and fucking her cunt, I finally chose the latter and got up, positioning myself behind her. I fisted my achingly hard fuckstick, still wet from Annie’s saliva, and aimed it at her soaked cunt.

I rubbed the swollen purple head between her dripping folds, immensely enjoying the soft feeling of wet cuntflesh on my sensitive cockhead. Then I decided to see how I fitted inside there compared to Eddy, and in one hard plunge shoved my man-meat into her tight cunt-chute.

As my balls hit Annie’s pussy I instantly realised I didn’t bottom out – my dick was a perfect fit. Annie groaned with pleasure with her lips locked around Eddy’s shaft, and as I pulled out of her fuckhole a bit she immediately pushed back, eager to feel my full length in her again.

Overcome with lust and confidence born from my ‘victory’ over Eddy I started fucking Annie earnestly, pounding my pulsating fuckstick into her soaked cunt as she choked on Eddy’s monster cock.

My balls slapped against her as I pumped my man-meat into her fuckhole over and over, my hands grasping her hips as I slammed her forward onto Eddy’s dick. Eddy was grinning widely and as I looked at his cock I realised why – Annie had deepthroated him, managing to swallow most of his enormous nine inches.

Every time I slammed my steel-hard cock into her velvety chute she was pushed forward on Eddy’s dick and choked on nearly his full length being stuffed down her throat, his dark pubes tickling her nose. Her continued moans of pleasure every time she pulled back from Eddy’s monster cock indicated she loved it just as much.

On and on I pounded into her, fucking her with an abandon I had never experienced before, determined to give Annie a fucking her boyfriend could never give her. I slammed my fuckmeat into her dripping love-canal over and over, alternately watching my dick disappear in her soaked pink cunt and watching Eddy’s cock vanish into her stretched throat.

My hands on her hips and Eddy’s hands tightly gripping her hair kept Annie firmly in place as we fucked her harshly from both sides. I saw Annie’s hand move up between Eddy’s legs and guessed she was fingering his ass, something which was soon confirmed by a gasp and loud groan from Eddy. He gritted his teeth and seemed focused on spewing his load down his girlfriend’s throat.

I was not going to be far behind as I sensed my balls tightening and tingling, and I increased the pace of my fucking, pumping my throbbing man-meat into Annie’s cunt-chute harder and faster still. Without warning Eddy’s orgasm hit and he grabbed Annie’s head to shove her all the way down his cock.

She nearly managed to get all of Eddy’s monster cock into her mouth as he came, pumping his thick cream down her throat. I came not a second later, shoving my pulsating fuckstick into Annie’s cunt with such power that she was forced down further on Eddy’s cock, finally taking all of his length into her throat as he continued to cum.

My cock spewed forth thick roped of creamy cum deep inside Annie’s trembling cunt who, I realised amidst my own orgasmic bliss, was also cumming. Her cunt pulsed around my jerking rod, milking every last drop of ball-batter from my orgasming cock.

Eddy finally finished cumming and pulled his massive boner from Annie’s stretched throat, thick ropes of cum and saliva dripping down his huge shaft. I slammed into Annie a few times more, depositing the last remnants of my jism into her fuckhole, before I too collapsed back onto the bed.

Annie followed suit, laying down between us as she gasped for breath. “Whoa, that was awesome…” she grunted as she patted my leg and Eddy’s face, her head in Eddy’s lap and her legs draped across mine.


Twenty minutes later I was taking a shower in Eddy’s parents’ bathroom, cleaning myself up before intending to head home. It had been a surprising but spectacularly good afternoon, and I was still basking in the afterglow of it all.

I suddenly heard the door open and through the haze of hot water saw a naked Annie step into the bathroom. She closed the door delicately behind her and then turned to me, walking up to the bath.

“Eddy’s fast asleep, as usual” she said as she stepped into the bath with me and nudged me aside to get to the shower’s hot sprays.

I stepped back in the spacious bathtub to give her room and let my eyes roam across her lovely curves as she stood under the water. I felt a stirring in my groin. “Is he a deep sleeper?” I asked, trying to sound innocent but failing utterly.

She turned to me and caught my gaze, a smile playing across her full lips. “Very deep,” she said, running her hands over her chest. With one hand she squeezed one of her fabulous tits, tweaking the nipple between her fingers. Her other hand roamed down her tummy to between her legs, where her fingers found the folds of her cunt and began to slowly rub herself. Her eyes never left mine.

“What you did back there,” she said as she lazily pleasured herself and I felt the blood rushing back to my cock, “with your mouth on my ass….” She licked her lips before continuing, “That felt awesome.”

She turned around and leant over, putting her hands against the bathroom wall and sticking her ass out at me. “Do it again,” she said.

Naturally I complied. I knelt in the bathtub and put my hands on Annie’s asscheeks, spreading them slightly. Her pussy was red from the pounding it had received and I gave it a gentle kiss and a lick, provoking a soft moan from Annie.

Then I moved my focus to the prize – her tight pink asshole. First I lapped my tongue lazily across it, wetting it with my spit and feeling the texture of her sphincter on my tongue.

I then circled her ass with my tongue, dipping lightly into her sphincter, before going back to licking across it. Annie’s breath turned to shallow gasps, and a glance revealed she was massaging one of her tits while I attended to her ass.

I pressed my tongue against her asshole, lightly at first, then circling it again before pressing once more. I continued to press against it, as if gently knocking on her backdoor with my tongue, steadily increasing the force of my tongue.

I felt her sphincter relax and relent and finally open slightly to my tongue, letting the tip of it invade her ass. She gasped louder and moaned, and I pressed harder with my tongue, feeling her ass surrender more to it and dipping deeper into her tight asshole.

She pressed her ass back against my face as my tongue pushed forward into her. I moved one hand up and, after briefly rubbing the folds of her pussy, slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. She was soaked with her own juices and my cum and I fucked her pussy slowly as my tongue fucked her tight ass.

My cock was by now of course back to full strength, throbbing between my legs as I ate Annie’s ass and fingerfucked her well-pounded cunthole.

I withdrew my fingers from her soaked cunt, taking a healthy load of cunt-juice and cum with it, and spread this out over Annie’s ass. Then I gently pushed one wet finger against her tight asshole, which resisted at first.

But helped by my easing up of her ass with my tongue her sphincter finally relented to my finger and the first digit slipped inside. Annie moaned loudly now and pushed her ass back to me again. “More,” she breathed huskily.

Aided by cumjuice I pushed my finger in deeper, all the way until it was embedded in her ass to the knuckle. I pulled it out ever so slowly before pushing it back in, repeating the process several times.

Then I almost pulled my finger out entirely, leaving just the tip of it inside of her ass, and put a second finger against her tight opening. “Oh god, yesss….” she whispered as I began to push two fingers in to her hot tight backdoor, slowly forcing them knuckle-deep into her bowels.

Two fingers or one cock, I thought, what the hell. I stood up behind her and withdrew my fingers from Annie’s ass, which solicited a questioning moan from her. I took my manhood, steely hard and angrily red from my earlier pounding of her cunt, and rubbed its engorged head against her pink asshole.

Annie looked back over her shoulder and seemed to hold her breath as I applied pressure. My cockhead was significantly bigger than my two fingers, and initially her sphincter denied me access. But I pressed on and Annie too seemed intent on this to happen as she pushed back against me with both her hands pressing against the bathroom wall, warm water cascading down her back.

At last her ass surrendered to my throbbing fuckstick and I felt the head of my cock go in, her tight sphincter grasping my shaft. Annie let go of a short gasping moan, letting her head hang between her arms as she held herself steady.

I waited for a moment, my eyes fixed on where my cock was now invading Annie’s backdoor chute, and then I pushed forward again with gentle but firm pressure, forcing more and more of my throbbing manhood into her incredibly tight asshole.

With my fuckmeat halfway up her ass I paused again and pulled back until just the head of my cock was still in her. “Please, more,” Annie gasped, and I pushed forward again until I could go no further.

I pulled back again, then pressed forward once more, over and over, slowly and steadily, easing Annie’s ass open to my pulsating man-meat. Finally my hips touched hers with the full length of my steel hard shaft embedded into her asshole.

“God yes,” I heard her moan in between gasping breaths, “fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

And I did. I started a slow, deep, intense fucking of her ass, pulling back until I was almost out, then shoving my cock back in to her tight anal chute until my balls pressed against her cunt. Over and over, again and again, in and out, steadily and firmly as the hot shower soaked us both – I was intending to make this assfucking last.

Annie began rubbing her pussy, her fingers sliding across her clit before finding her cunthole and dipping inside. Feeling herself filled in both her anal hole and soaked cunt she moaned even louder and shoved more fingers in to her pussy, fucking herself as I pumped her ass.

I increased my pace, watching the full length of my cock disappear into Annie’s tight anal chute over and over. I was fucking my friend’s hot girlfriend up the ass in his own home’s bathroom and she was loving every second of it.

My thrusts turned in to pounding as I slammed my engorged fuckmeat in to her forbidden ass again and again, my hands gripping her hips tightly as I buried my shaft in her anal chute.

Annie grabbed one of my hands and pulled it across her as she pushed back from the backroom wall, making me hold her up as I fucked her ass. We effortlessly changed from a horizontal assfuck to a vertical one, with me slamming my pulsing dick up in to her tight ass as she tiptoed on the bathtub’s curving surface. Her arm wrapped around my head as she leaned her head back against my shoulder, her mouth searching for mine.

We kissed, intensely and passionately, our tongues entwining as I kept up the pace of our heated fucking. Again and again I rammed by fuckmeat up into her asshole, her anal hole now welcoming my throbbing length with ease, our mouths locked together.

For the second time that day I felt that familiar tingling in my balls, and I could no longer maintain our kiss. Annie sensed my impending orgasm and leant forward again to give me all the access I needed to severely pound her ass.

My balls tightened and I rammed my man-meat into her anal chute. Annie again thrust her fingers into her dripping cunt, fucking herself as I fucked her ass, our loud moans and grunts echoing in the bathroom.

I slammed my cock into her ass with all the strength I could muster as I came with an intensity I’d never before experienced, the force of my orgasm seemingly emanating from the tip of my toes to the crown of my skull before concentrating in my throbbing cock and spewing forth from my engorged cockhead into Annie’s tight bowels.

Annie continued to pump her fingers in to her pussy, faster and harder, as I again rammed in to her ass, and again, with every wave of my overwhelming orgasm, depositing thick loads of cum deep in her anal hole.

Then she came as well, her ass tightening like a vice around my orgasmic shaft, her body trembling against mine as she moaned and jerked in the throes of her orgasm. She shuddered and thrust her fingers in to her pulsating cunt as her ass milked the last of my jism from my aching fuckmeat.

I could no longer hold myself up and staggered backwards, my cock retreating from Annie’s mauled ass, trailing strands of cum. I sat down on the edge of the bath, my chest heaving with heavy breaths, as Annie turned and leaned back against the bathroom wall.

“Holy fuck,” she breathed, running a hand through her soaked long red hair. I chuckled and nodded assent.

Then the bathroom door opened and Eddy stood there, staring at us with shock in his eyes.