On A Serious Note: Threesomes and Their Various Complications…

Hey my lovelies. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a Serious Note. The “adulting” world has really kicked into gear and finding time to write has been hard. However, recent events have happened in my life that has sparked thought provoking conversations I’ve had between some followers and Fetlife friends.

Threesomes are hard. But they can also be completely worth it.

The idea of having one seems so golden. I was chomping on the proverbial bit to experience such a sexual conquest. If you’re into kink or into experimenting in the bedroom, everyone has thought about it more often than not. But if most of your friends are vanilla, in relationships, or not bi in any way- finding a third can be dreadfully hard. Not to mention the nerves and anxiety that can stem from having one.

Mister and I like to explore and I missed a woman’s touch so we decided to try and find a lady to join us. The search started a year after we started dating and we continued it off and on for the next two years. When I moved to NC, I the search was renewed because we finally had a place of our own and I was trying to replace homesickness with kinky sex! Finally, after chatting with various females of all shapes, age, and sizes, we found a lovely girl to join us. We took our time with making sure everyone was comfortable before jumping into bed. The first time was pretty spontaneous and fun. It was happening and I couldn’t believe it.

Through the short encounters we had with our “third” before it kind of fizzled and fell apart, I learned a lot about myself. My likes and dislikes, how irrationally jealous I could be about stupid things, and about how open communication really is the most important thing. Find the right person is always best or else things will end terribly, how it had for Mister and I. The male-female-female threesome was, despite all the drama and complication, very fun. One day I would like to try it again and learn from our previous mistakes.

Recently, I have encouraged Mister to be more opened minded and to explore his sexual desires. He was the one to bring up a male-female-male threesome. At initial thought, I did not want to. All of these old fears resurfaced and it seemed to soon after the last complicated affair. So many things can go wrong and I don’t want to put Mister and our relationship in any more turmoil over outsiders.

After further contemplation, I thought, why not? Why not epxlore and try? We did before and we’re still together. If we could survive that disater, then having another male in the bedroom such be a walk in the park. Sex and desires should be acted upon in a safe and considered way. Mister have communicated our reservations and talked through some hard limits, safe words, and fantasies. We’ve recently found someone with experience who is very excited to join us in play. Wish us luck?

-Lady E