On My 18th Birthday

She had been both awaiting this day and dreading this day for a long time. Her 18th birthday party. She had turned 18 just a few days before, but the town tradition was to wait until the first weekend after turning 18 in order to celebrate. Her town however was a little different than any other.

Long ago the town had been in danger of dying off. For a reason no one had ever been able to figure out many of the women in the town had a great deal of trouble conceiving children, and many of those that were conceived had been born sickly an weak, often falling before a childhood ailment before reaching adulthood. Weak sperm had been blamed for the problem. For a time they had despaired, many had moved away or simply given up on having children. Then an unnamed resident had come up with an idea: have every man in town attempt to impregnate a woman at the same time. He had reasoned that if all of the men inseminated a woman at the same time then only the strongest sperm would reach the egg. Although it had taken some convincing in the end it had worked. The women were again giving birth to healthy and robust children. In order to keep the population of the town up it had been decided that on a girl’s 18th birthday, every man in town, baring her relatives of course, would gather to celebrate her birthday and usher her into motherhood. Now her town was not so barbaric as to force women to participate, and many women did refuse, however almost invariably the women who refused later gave birth to sickly and ill children, and often elected to participate in the gangbang latter.

Even though by the standards of her town it was perfectly normal, expected even, she was still nervous. She was excited to be a mother, it was something she had wanted for as long as she could remember, and she was excited to finally be fucked. But still, she was nervous. After all it would be her first time, and her last time until she got married, with the exception of the birthday gangbang premarital sex was something that just wasn’t done in her town. She would be losing her virginity and getting pregnant on the same night.

She slowly got dressed, her mom had advised her not to wear any underwear, as the men sometimes worked themselves into a frenzy before a pregnancy party and underwear rarely survived the experience, and to wear something loose that was easy to take off. She opted for a blue sundress and nothing underneath it. She felt a little silly, she had never gone out in public without underwear before, and given the time of year she was worried that she would be cold, though she supposed that she wouldn’t have to worry about it for long.

At last the time came and she headed downstairs. She kissed her parents goodbye and they both wished her luck. She made the short walk to the convention center and shivered in the cold of the late autumn air. Most of the houses she passed were dark and empty. Although pregnancy parties were typically male driven affairs some of the women from the town would come to watch, either to make sure their men got a turn, or because they got some sort of perverted thrill out of the event. Couples breaking off from the group to have some fun of their own was not unheard of. As she approached the convention center she saw the crowd that was gathered in front of it and felt her legs go a little weak. It looked like literally every man in town above the age of 18 was present. She saw one of her ex boyfriends hanging around the edge of the crowd and realized that every man meant the ones that she didn’t care for too…

She passed through the crowd, feeling a few stray hands brush against her body as she went. She could feel the excitement in the air and some of the men were having trouble controlling themselves. She made her way to the breeding hall and looked around a bed had been set up in the center of the room and already the room was full to bursting with men in every state of dress, from fully dressed and calm, to completely naked with their cocks in hand. She walked over to the table that had been provided for her and started to undress. She had originally planned on saying something to the crowd, some kind of greeting, but she found that once she got there her words failed her. As she stood before the group, completely bare before a man for the first time since childhood, she gulped and managed a few words “let’s begin shall we?” she said, the tremble of both excitement and fear filling her voice.

The crowd rushed forward, surrounding her in the space of a breath. The men who were already undressed had an advantage over the rest and she found herself being urged to her knees, surrounded by naked men that she had known for most of her life. A number of cocks were presented to her and she accepted one into her mouth before taking another two in her hands. She did her best with her limited experience, stroking the cocks with each hand while trying to suck on the cock in her mouth at the same time. She found that trying to do all three at the same time was rather difficult, like trying to rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time. She gagged slightly as the cock in her mouth pressed forward, forcing her to take all of its length into her mouth. All at once an explosion of cum filled her mouth taking her completely by surprise. She swallowed instinctively and the man withdrew. In a moment another cock was in front of her and she took this one into her mouth as well. She heard a groan over the noise in the room and something hot and sticky splashed onto her left breast. Without stopping her motions she realized that the cock in her left hand had cum, leaving her sticky and covered in his seed. Moments later the other cock followed suit and she was again coated in cum.

Hands pawed at her, cupping her breasts, rubbing her ass, a few brave finger quested inside of her pussy, exploring the tight hole. She moaned a little at the intrusion but did her best to keep up with the cocks in front of her. Time passed and she swallowed a few more loads of cum. She did her best not to make eye contact with any of the men around her shy and embarrassed to be in the position she was.

After a time she was urged to her feet, and almost lifted off the ground by the men around her, and carried to the bed. One man was already laying on the bed and she crouched above him, unsure of what to do. He lined his cock up with her asshole and pulled her down on top of him, taking the length of his cock inside the virgin hole. Before she had a chance to even express her surprise at this occurrence another cock forced its way inside her pussy, pinning her between the two men. She opened her mouth and moaned loudly as the two cocks thrust inside of her, one of the men around her took the opportunity and thrust his cock inside her open mouth, monopolizing her last hole. She groaned around the cock in her mouth as the two men started to work in tandem, one thrusting in while the other pulled back before again slamming inside of her. She had expected anal sex to hurt more than it did, but the man below her must have been well lubed. She found that so long as she did her best to relax she rather enjoyed the sensation.

After a moment the cock in her pussy exploded, coating the inside of her cunt with his cum. As he pulled out she felt the first of the cum start to trickle out of her pussy. Scarcely a second passed before another man took the firsts place, thrusting inside of her roughly. He took less care with her than the last, making no effort to time his thrusts with the man filling her ass. She had little attention to spare as the cock in her mouth coated her throat with his cum, leaving her to again swallow the load of sticky sweet fluid. She looked up and realized that the man inside of her now was her next door neighbor, someone who had watched her as a child, she shuddered as he threw back his head and came. She felt the load of cum take its place inside of her, flowing out of her already full pussy and joining the stream. Again she had scarcely a second before another man took his place. This one took more care with her, rubbing and playing with her clit as he slowly worked his cock back and forth in her tight hole. She convulsed and moaned as the first orgasm she had ever had rocked through her. Her partner got off on seeing her orgasm and his cum quickly joined the others. The man below her grabbed her hips and thrust deeply into her ass and she felt his cum fill her.

She was lifted to her feet as the man below her worked his way free, she could feel the flowing stream of cum, now flowing from both her ass and her cunt, dripping down her leg. Another man took his place on the bed and she was again urged down. This time she took the cock below her and guided it into her pussy, facing the man on the bed. He reached up as she took his cock into her and played with her sticky, cum soaked breasts. She moaned again, enjoying the stimulation of her nipples, another new experience for her. As he started to thrust into her she felt someone behind her. She expected another cock to work its way into her ass, but instead it forced its way in alongside the other in her pussy. She cried out as the two cock stretched her formerly virgin hole. They worked their way slowly, filling every space in her between them. Another cock found its way into her mouth and she was grateful for the distraction that it served. Sadly the man in her mouth didn’t last long and another coating of cum joined the other as she swallowed a massive load of semen. One of the cocks in her cunt expelled its load into her already full pussy and withdrew. This time the man behind her took the opportunity to force his way into her ass hole. The cum already expelled into the tight hole serving as ample lubrication for his cock.

She lost count of all of the men who fucked her, and at the end of the night she lay on the bed, alone at last, a sticky layer of cum coating every inch of her body. A number of men had pulled out of her mouth at the last second coating her face, hair, and breasts with their seed. Likewise some of the men had pulled out and sprayed her back with cum, leaving her soaking in semen. A dull ache radiated from her pussy from the assault that it had taken, and she knew that she would be exceptionally sore tomorrow. Though it would all be worth when she was pregnant. The flow of cum from her ravaged pussy had slowed down to a trickle as the excess worked its way out of her. She slowly got dressed and worked her way back home, the warm embrace of a shower beckoning to her.

9 months later…

She sighed as she worked her way out of bed, her
swollen stomach doing its best to keep her there. Her breasts and stomach had both grown and stretched as the baby grew within her, the fruits of her birthday party. She kind of wished that she knew who the biological father of her child was, but that was strictly against the rules. She had attended the parties of a few of her friends, and gotten quite a few compliments, and a few stray touches. She had found herself more horny than she had ever been in her life, the baby throwing her hormones out of whack. Life had changed in the last 9 months. She was excited for her next party… and another child…