The Summer of 16

Short Story

I had just finished playing my first game of the new baseball season. I was 16 years and 3 weeks old to the day. I played second base on my AAA team. We won the game and I went ¾ with a double and a triple. Each inning as I ran back to the dugout from second I kept catching this cute girl checking me out.

After the game the coach was giving us the usual post-game pep talk. I had pretty much tuned him out because this girl was now behind our dugout looking at me. When the coach was done I collected my gear and approached the girl.

“Nice game.” she said.

“Thank you.”

I couldn’t think of what to say or do next.

“You can really hit the ball.”


We stood there looking at each other for a few moments.

“I haven’t seen you before.  Are you from around here?” I asked.

“We just moved here.  My Dad’s in the Marines and we move lots.”

“That must be tough.”

“I get by.  We’ve been here three days and you’re the first person I’ve talked to.”

I felt a warm glow erupt inside me.  I was her first contact in a foreign land.  This MUST mean something.  Now I had some composure and I felt confident.

“My name’s Rick.”

“Hi.  I’m Shelley.”

“You wanna get a slurpee, Shelley?  My treat.” I asked.

She smiled.  Damn!  What a smile.

“Sure.  I’d like that.”

It was about a 5 block walk to 7-11.  Along the way I would occasionally slip a step or two behind her – totally by accident of course.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  She was about 5’3” (I was 5’10”) and shoulder length brunette hair.  She was wearing a white halter top and a pair of pretty tight shorts (not quite Daisy Dukes, but pretty damn tight).  
Her ass filled them perfectly; it was like 2 perfect half moons that wiggled just right as she walked.

When we arrived at our destination I, being the ever-perfect gentleman, moved ahead and opened the door.  As she passed I got the full view of the rest of her body.  I was NOT disappointed.  Her breasts were shaped just right – not huge, but big enough compared to the rest of her that they really stood out.  As she passed her eyes connected with mine and light up with a sparkle that I can’t even BEGIN to describe.  I felt my knees giving way, but was able to remain standing.  I’m very glad I was wearing my jock-strap because my hard-on would have been obvious to the WHOLE WORLD in my tight baseball pants.

I bought us a pair of coke slurpees and we went to the benches in the nearby park.  We sat and talked for what seemed like eternity; talking about everything that came to mind.  It turned out her Dad was actually in special ops in the Marines and he bounced from base to base.  I also learned that she only lived about a block and a half away from me.

I glanced at my watch and realized we had been sitting there for almost two hours.  Shelley said she needed to be getting back home so we made plans to meet at the benches again tomorrow afternoon and I walked her home.  When we got to her place I didn’t know what to do.

‘Should I kiss her or not?’ I asked myself.  I weighed the options and then decided the best thing to do was to ask her.

“I can’t tell you how much fun I had meeting you and talking, Shelley.”

“I had fun too, Rick”

“Would you mind if I gave you a kiss?”

Shelley looked at her door and back at me a few times.

“I don’t think you should.  If my Dad saw I don’t even want to THINK about what he might do.”

“Oh yeah.  He’s trained to KILL people, right?”  And with that I offered her a handshake.

Shelley giggled and gave me a very quick peck on the cheek

“See you tomorrow, Rick.”


I floated home and when I got there my cock was STILL rock hard so I went up to my room, took off my uniform, got out my supply of magazines (I started collecting porn magazines when I was 13) and jerked myself off in about 5 seconds.  That night I had great difficulty sleeping and the following morning seemed as if in took 2 years to pass. Finally 2:00 came and I went to meet Shelley.

We met at the benches by 7-11 and she was there wearing a similar outfit as the previous day.  Damn I love summer!  Again we talked for hours and when it came time I walked her home.

Just as we were walking up her front walk around the corner of her house came her Dad.  I nearly shit myself. He was about 6’6", 250 and HUGE. He had a crew cut and LOOKED like special ops.  Rambo was nothing compared to this guy.

“Dad, this is Rick.  I met him yesterday and we spent hours talking the last few days.”

I felt like adding “JUST TALKING, SIR”, but felt it best to remain mute.

He extended his hand to me.

“I’m very glad that Shelley has met someone.  I think it’s tough for her moving from place to place and I’m always happy when she makes friends in the new city.”

“I saw him play baseball yesterday; Dad and you should have seen him.  
He plays second base and he was the best player out there.  He got 2 big hits.”

“I’m impressed.  I played second when I was young, too.  Your stock just went up a point or two, Rick.  You’re okay.”

Finally I began to breathe again and he went into the backyard.  We sat on the barco lounger and after a few minutes Shelley gave me a big kiss on my mouth. This was my first kiss ever but still I pulled back in fear.

“Wait!  Your Dad.  He’ll kill me.”

“It’s fine. He said you’re okay.  Okay with him is good.”

We sat and talked for about an hour.  We had 3 more kisses and every time I was careful to be sure no one saw us.  Shelley said it was okay, but I was taking NO chances.  Shelley kissed well.  As I left, we made plans to go to a movie then following night.

I picked her up at 6:30 and we went to see the new James Bond flick, ‘Octopussy’.  Throughout the movie we held hands and Shelley snuggled into my chest. When the movie ended Shelley looked up at me and we kissed as the credits rolled.  People were exiting the theatre and as they walked down the aisle I’m sure they were looking at us but we didn’t care.  These kissed were very different that the ones we had shared in her back yard.  I wasn’t worried about being killed.  We were kissing passionately.  Our tongues were involved today.  This was right.  Unfortunately the credits eventually ended and so did our kiss.

“Whatcha want to do now?’ asked Shelley.

“What do I WANT to do or what do I HAVE to do?”

Shelley smiled.  “Let’s hear the want first.”

“I WANT the credits to start again.” I said laughing with a sly grin.

“Now let’s hear the HAVE to.”

“My parents went out for the night and they made me promise to be home my 10:00 and it’s already 9:35.  I’d love to go sit on the bench and talk for a while but it’d be almost 10 by the time we got there.”

We were outside the theatre and walking toward the bus stop, holding hands and gazing into each others eyes from time to time.  We got to the bus stop and sat down to wait.  Shelley looked into my eyes and we stared at each other.  Eventually she spoke.

“I don’t have to be home until 11.  Could I come over?”

I’d thought of this option but didn’t want to ask for fear that it might scare Shelley.

“I’d love it if you came over.  Are you sure you’re okay with that?”

“I trust you, Rick.  I feel very safe with you.  There’s nothing I’d rather do more.”

We got back to my place at about 9:55 and when I opened the door we were greeted by Roxie, my pet Schnauzer. We played with Roxie a bit and then went up to the family room to settle down and watch some TV. When we were snuggled together on the couch we began to kiss.  Shelley was a great kisser.  Her lips were soft and luscious and what she did with her tongue sent shivers up my spine.  Sitting here with Shelley was the best thing I had ever done.  But it got better.

As we kissed, my hands began to roam.  I stroked and caressed her back and ass.  Her ass felt even better than it looked.  From there my hand traveled up her torso and settled on her chest.  Breasts felt better than I had ever imagined.  I squeezed and kneaded her breasts until she pulled away from me.

“I’m sorry, Shell…” I began but was silenced by her index finger on my lips.

Shelley took hold of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head.  I was dumbfounded.  I wanted to reach out and grab them but was unable to move.  Then Shelley reached behind her back and unclasped her bra.  It fell to the floor and I sat there looking at her like a deer caught in headlights.

Shelley snuggled back up to me and kissed my awe-struck mouth.  After I arrived back on planet Earth my hands ventured back to her breasts.  If I thought they felt good before it was NOTHING compared to now.  Her nipples were hard as rocks and felt incredible when my palm would slide over them.  Still we kissed.

I wanted to feel my chest on hers so I pulled off my t-shirt as well.  
When her skin touched mine it almost burned.  We were so into each other.  My mouth ventured down and began to kiss and suck Shelley’s rock hard nipples.  She moaned.  I think I did, too.  As I sucked her nipples Shelley would run her hands through my hair.  I loved it.  When we’d had enough I moved back up and we kissed some more.

Then I felt Shelley’s hand on my pants.  She was rubbing my leg, edging higher.  I had never even DREAMED of anything like this before.  Soon she was rubbing my cock through my pants.

“I’ve never done this before,” she panted.

“Me neither.”

“I mean I’ve kissed a boy before, but I’ve never done THIS.”

I didn’t know what she meant by THIS.

“What do you mean?”

Shelley looked at me hesitantly.

“I want to make love, Rick.  Don’t you?”

My heart skipped a beat or 10.

“Make love?  Oh god,” was all I could muster and I kissed her harder than I ever had before.

Shelley unzipped my pants and stuck her hand inside.  When her hand touched my cock I was in heaven.

“Ooooooh yeah,” I moaned.  Shelley smiled as she squeezed my cock.  She finished undoing my pants and pulled my dick out.

“I’ve never seen one before.  It’s beautiful,” she cooed.

Shelley continued to squeeze and stroke it while kissing me.  Her kisses ran down my chest to my mid-section.  She lifted her head and just stared at my rigid cock.  I could feel her breath as she panted on my dick.

“It’s amazing.  The way it moves and twitches.  When you breathe in it moves up a bit.”

Then IT happened.  Shelley opened her mouth and descended upon my waiting cock.  As she closed her lips around it she let out a low moan. She moved her head up and down on my excited friend and it was a great many seconds before I moaned and shot my load into her mouth.  Shelley swallowed it without missing a drop.  After her snack she snuggled her face into my heaving chest.  Now I stroked HER hair.  We lay like that until I could talk again.

“That was your FIRST time doing that?” I asked.

“Yeah.  Was it good?”

“You could go pro,” I chuckled.  “How’d you get so good?”

Shelley looked at me for a minute or so before answering.

“My Dad subscribes to Penthouse and I like to sneak it when he’s not home and read it.  There’s this column called Penthouse Forum and it’s got stories in it.  I love reading it and I guess I’ve learned that way.”

Now it was MY turn to stare.  Finally I spoke.

“My Dad subscribes, too.  I LOVE Forum.  Reading that’s my favorite pass-time.”

We laughed and kissed some more.

“Did you read the one from last month called ‘My First 69’?” Shelley asked.

I looked up at her and recited the entire first paragraph to her verbatim.  We laughed and I moved in to kiss her again when she let out a shriek so loud and high-pitched that I envisioned every dog within a 5 block radius was running to my house.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s 11:25!  My Dad’s going to KILL me!”

“Oh fuck!  Your Dad!”  I exclaimed thinking we had ruined a good thing just as it was getting started.

We were dressed within seconds and out the door in full sprint. We were running so fast, Olympic officials would have tested us for banned substances for sure.  When we got to her house the place was dark except for the living room light.  Sitting, looking out the window I could see her Dad.

“You go back home, Rick.  I’ll handle my Dad.  No reason for BOTH of us to die,” Shelley said with a small smirk

“No.  I can’t do that.  I’m here for you.  We’ll face the music together or firing squad as the case may be.”

As soon as we opened the door her Dad was there.  He stood directly in front of me looking down into my eyes.  I accepted the stony glare and opened my mouth to offer my apologies, but before I could formulate a word the barrage was upon us.

“Where have you been?  I told you to be home at 11:00 and here it is after 11:30.”

Shelley and I looked at each other unsure of what to say.  We had not rehearsed anything.

“Dad, we were in the park talking and lost track of time.”

Before she was finished the sentence I could see a look of disbelief of her father’s face.

“Sir, it’s my fault.  I invited Shelley back to my house after the movie.  My parents are out for the evening and Shelley told me she had to be home by 11:00.  I promised her that I’d watch the time and I didn’t.  It’s all my fault.”

He looked at me with an icy look.

“And what were you two doing alone at your house.”

I froze. There was no way out of this.

“You don’t want me to answer that, sir.“

Shelley couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.  She was silent in shock.

"You’re right. I don’t want to know.” he answered. “Shelley, go up to your room.”

It was just her Dad and me – no witnesses. I was scared SHITLESS. He motioned for me to sit on the couch.  I did but he remained on his feet.

“You’ve got SOME guts to tell me that straight up.”

‘Well,’ I thought, ‘there could be worse sentences for one to hear at the end of one’s life.’

“I don’t like to think about what you were doing but I DO respect you for your guts. Did you use protection?”

Even my OWN father wouldn’t have asked me this.

“Uh… uh… we didn’t do THAT, sir. We only…”

“Stop! I heard the only words I wanted to hear,” he said and then paused.  I sat there in my own sweat.  “If you tell my daughter you’ll be responsible, you remember in the future – DO IT. You can go home. Thank you for your honesty.”

When I shut the door I felt like a man on death row who just got the call from the governor.

I don’t remember walking home, but I DO remember opening the door. MY Dad stood there with smoke coming out of his ears.

"I told you to be home by 10:00. We get home at 11:50, you’re not here and the front door is unlocked. Care to explain?”

‘Oh shit,’ I thought.  ‘Here we go again.’

“Dad I WAS home at 10:00. Shelley came home with me and…”

“Who’s Shelley?”

“She’s a girl I met a few days ago.  I went to the movie with her. She came back here and we talked for a while.”  Technically not a lie – we DID talk some.  “And then she saw that it was well after 11:00. She had to be home at 11:00 and her Dad is pretty strict. He’s a Marine. We ran to her house and I had to face her Dad. We left the door unlocked because we were in such a rush.”

My Dad looked at me for a minute or so.

“Okay. I apologize for jumping to conclusions. Good night son.”

I checked my butt to see if there were any horseshoes stuck in it.  Nope.

I had trouble going to sleep after I finally got up to bed.  There was just too much Shelley going through my mind.  It certainly was an understatement to say that we had a full evening of activity.

I slept until 10:00 the next morning and when I went downstairs for breakfast there was a not from my Mom on the counter.

‘Shelley called three times this morning.  There’s pancake batter in the fridge.’

I needed some time to think.  Did she get in huge trouble from her Dad? Can she still see me?  I didn’t know and part of me didn’t WANT to know.  I decided to eat and call her after.

When I was done I was still scared so I showered and brushed my teeth.  
Finally I got up the nerve and called her.  Thankfully she answered the phone.  I don’t know if I could face her Dad again.

“Hello?’ she said.

“Hi, Shell.  It’s me.”

“Rick.  We HAVE to talk.  Can you meet me at the benches in half an hour?”


I finished getting ready and started the walk to the benched in the park by 7-11.  I was sure it was over.  When I arrived Shelley was already there, sitting on the bench holding 2 slurpees.  When she saw me she put down the slurpees, jumped up, ran over to me and threw her arms around me.

“I don’t know what you said to my Dad but he loves you. His exact words this morning were ‘that Brad is a good man’. He wasn’t even angry at me.  What did you say?”

I told her and she couldn’t believe that I had the guts to stand up to a man like her Dad.

“I’ve been thinking of nothing but you since last night. When I was lying in bed – I went to bed naked last night – the feeling of your cock in my mouth WOULD NOT go away.  Then when I found out that you smoothed things over with my Dad I wanted you so bad. And now when I hear exactly what you said to him I want you even more. Can we go somewhere?”

I was dumbfounded.  Part of me wanted to (Well okay – MOST of me), but part was still scared of her dad.  I thought for a second and found my way out.

“We can’t.  I don’t have any protection and it would be stupid to…“

She held up a 3-pack of Trojans.

"I want you. Don’t you want me?”

“Are you kidding me?  I couldn’t go to sleep last night because I was thinking of you.  I’ve never wanted anything so bad in all my life but your DAD.”

“The way he was talking about you this morning I think we could do it and then you go to my house and say ‘I just fucked your daughter.’ and I think he’d be okay with it.”

We looked into each others’ eyes and saw nothing but a wanton desire in each of us.

“Okay. There’s some rose bushes in that park by the school and there’s this place in behind them where it’s really open and very secluded.“

We walked (okay – we ran) to the park and crawled behind the rose bushes. We each had on pants that morning and when we took them off we put them on the ground to protect against any stray rose thorns. Within a minute we were both kneeling on the ground, nude looking at each other. I took her face in my hands and kissed her softly. She kissed back. Our lips began to move and her tongue entered my mouth. We kissed and fondled each other for what seemed like forever. Time really did stand still for us.

"What’s your very favorite number?”

She grinned and jumped on top of me. Within seconds her mouth was full of my cock and I was sucking on her pussy.  While her head bobbed up and down on my cock I drew lines up and down her pussy lips with my tongue.  She had very hot looking pussy lips.  They stuck out a bit and were really fun to suck on.  She LOVED that.  Shelley began to writhe and moan.   I was sucking on her clit now; flicking my tongue back and forth across it.  She began bucking her hips up and down on my face.  Soon she let out this low moan followed by some higher gasps.  She ground her wet pussy into my face until her orgasm passed and then turned herself around and kissed me deeply.

Then she pulled out a condom, fumbled with it a bit and after a few failed attempts got it over my rigid cock.  She looked me deeply.

“Now I want you to fuck me.”

I rolled her over and slowly slid my hard member into her slippery canal.  She moaned.  I groaned.  I began to thrust back and forth inside her.  While I made love to her our eyes never left each other.  It made everything seem hotter to see the lust in Shelley’s eyes.  I don’t know how long it went on for, but I do remember that she came 3 more times before I shot my load inside the condom.  We rested for a while and then she started sucking me again.  Soon I was back to being rock hard and she put another condom on me.  I was about to roll her over again when she pushed me down.

“My turn,” she purred.

She climbed on top of me and sat down on my waiting cock. She really got into riding me and bounced up and down for a long time.  While she was riding me I played with her nipples and she came a few more times.  I began thrusting up into her soaking pussy and soon blew my second load of the day.  Shelley collapsed on me and we lay like that holding each other and kissing.  We started to hear voices nearing the rose bushes so we got dressed and left our love sanctuary.

Our lives went on like this for about 11 months.  We fucked every chance we got; usually at least once per day.  Then one day she came to me in tears.

“My Dad’s getting transferred again.  We leave in a week.”

We cried for the week and I remember when she drove away like it was yesterday.  She was in tears looking out her back window and I was in tears waving to her.

I never saw Shelley again.            

Express action: The Office Party

Short Story

The office party never got beyond the boring stage. They never do when senior management pretend they are just part of the team like the rest of us wage salary slaves. No share bonuses in the company for us. I think we were celebrating ten years of the international business in Sydney, so some bright spark decided it should be on the tenth floor.

My heels were killing me. I wanted a relaxing spa bath. I needed some quiet personal down time after completing a deadline review just before six. And here I was clock watching at seven-thirty, thinking a polite exit would be okay at eight. I’d call up my recent fuckbuddy about ten I was thinking, when I got my second wind.

I was drifting from group to group trying not to look obviously bored. How I ended up alone with two of the high flying young senior managers, James and Jason, yeah nearly interchangeable pricks, well it happened and they were talking shop. I thought Christ boys, at least sport or cars, or flirt with me or even be rude and see how I respond to a crass smutty joke. We could end up in a storeroom threesome. No, it was a new office layout, teams were in and hierarchy was out. Could have fooled me. I got slightly more interested as James mentioned décor and mood colours. But my eyes and the corner of my mouth really did smirk, when Jason called the process, ‘Pimping the Workplace’. My usually controlled at work dirty mind escaped like a nipple slip.

Oh I knew pimping a car from TV and the slang idea of making something cooler or better, but the grubby idea of procuring, soliciting, prostitution, a pimp living off the earnings; pimping a workplace; seriously; I imagined myself as a high class call girl working and servicing these two dudes.

My face gave me away. James suddenly realised there was a young slut under a well cut navy blue dress and I could tell he didn’t give a shit about the look of the workplace now. Jason caught up too. What is it about sexual opportunity, the glint in a woman’s eye and guys going into instant cock led overdrive?

I hadn’t realised how well located we were to get it off immediately. The cat was out of the bag or updating it,pimping the expression, my pussy was about to be knickers free. I sidled left and backwards into the photocopy room, the two guys following like puppies on a very short leash.

Sex in the photocopy room, well I’d have called it a porn fantasy myth until it happened to me. Oh, there is a hard copy of my arse printed out of the machine, but wait for it.

It was speed sex. God the door wasn’t even closed. We were in the alcove by the shredding machine. Quite apt actually. They literally shredded my dress, bra and panties off me, like roughly peeling a banana. Nothing put on their ‘bananas’ though, dirty buggers, no condoms, but I was too trash randy to care. Pregnancy precautions; always the girl and her trusty pill.

Shit I was squeezed between the pair and I loved it. Cock nuzzling into my body front and back. My tits getting sampled. My neck nibbled. My pussy fingered. My arsehole poked. My mouth caroused by tongue. Both my hands full of cock. Good sized peckers too. My earlobes licked.

Nothing planned. It all just happened. Cocks look good poking out of well cut suit pants. I was bent over by Jason to suck his rod and the smutty bugger James eased his dick straight into my pussy from behind as my head went forward sucking cock and my body went forward too, filled with cock. Then I was chasing cock forward and rocking back on cock behind me.

Geez both bastards were in me deep. They would have met in the middle of me if they could. I was a perfectly balanced conduit for cock. A double fluid channel. My mouth swamped by salvia drenched cock. My pussy juices giving James cock the ride of its life. Oh fuck I felt good, especially as he also fingered my arse.

It was all a blur of hasty action but I was aware of it all. I was a double duct of pleasure. My mouth and pussy making me so happy together. I just accepted it as stunning as they swapped over positions; my body was like a busy thoroughfare for peckers. A freeway for my growing orgasm. My entire body a transit lounge for cock.

James jagged his prick into my mouth like it was his private pleasure chute. Jason at the same time gouged his cock like a spear straight into my unexpected arse. How my rear chamber expanded so wonderfully quick to accommodate his stiff rod, I still don’t know. I realised later I was fully slut relaxed.

My arse was a canal of unrefined buggerised ecstasy as Jason creamed it. My mouth became a sluice of salvia and cum, as James emptied himself in my gob and insisted I swallow. Of course I did.

“Umm” said Jason sheepishly, “Your arse please, on the photocopy machine.”

Guys, boys, dudes; they want it all.

“Sure” I said, “Help me up.”

And there I was; my cute arse getting warm from the flashing copier light and the glass getting a good smear of my girly juices and Jason’s jizz.

“Oh press it twice more” I said.

I got off, redressed, and we all snuck out of the dying office party.

Private revelry at my place instead, starting with three in the spa bath

Can’t Take Her Anywhere

Short story

Over the years, Georgette has developed a real love of sucking cock. And the thing is that she doesn’t care when or where, as long as she gets it. She seemed to need at least three or four cocks a day, besides mine. We go shopping a lot but usually just window-shopping because of our money situation.

Georgette and I were at a mall one day and looking around. We had a little money to spend so we were each going to buy something.

I’m sure that everyone is familiar with the round racks of clothes on the sales floor of most department stores. Some are a little higher than waist high and have clothes hanging on them that goes all the way to the floor.  Well, we were in Penney’s and I was looking at stuff in the men’s department.

Even though Georgette was next to me, the several other guys that were, as usual milling around the department looking at stuff were all discretely checking her out.

Well, I don’t like to brag but Georgette is an absolute knockout with her five foot five inch tall petite body, her shoulder length kind of a strawberry blonde hair that frames her gorgeous face with its perfect alabaster complexion. There isn’t a flaw on it. I’ve seen guys stare all day into her lovely cobalt blue eyes and never get tired of looking at her beauty.

Her breasts are nothing more than average, about a thirty-six C, but like the rest of her they’re perfect too. Her lovely breasts are firm and full, the type that men are always dying to caress, squeeze and of course suck on.

Today she had on her faded Daisy-Duke cut offs and a wife-beater t-shirt, no bra and some sandals.

Sensing their interest, Georgette slowly moved away from me.

Then while we were browsing separately a couple of guys struck up a conversation with her and she pointed me out as her husband. They seemed nervous and were looking for an exit when I came over and said, “Hi.” . “Hi man,” they returned, both still nervous.

Georgette always gets really breathy and hot and her nipples got hard at just the thought of sex and she was in that condition now. Her nipples were shining like headlights. The guy and his friend stared at her and I wondering what was going on.

One tried to change the subject. He said, “I need some swim trunks but I’m not sure what size to get.”

Moving closer to him, Georgette’s hand went to his crotch. When her fingers wrapped around his cock he couldn’t move, he just froze. I could see that she was massaging his cock through his pants. After a couple minutes of fondling she said, “I bet it’s a size eight at least.”

We were near one of those round racks that had stuff hanging to the floor…trench coats I think. When Georgette started to unzip his pants the guy stammered, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to measure you better,” she said.

“Here in the fucking store?” the guy whispered, red faced. . “Yes, right here,” chimed Georgette as she went down to her knees and backed into the clothes. With his cock still gripped in her hand, she pulled him closer.

So here he was red faced, standing close to the rack his front concealed in the clothes rack. The poor guy was awe struck; he couldn’t believe that Georgette was on her knees with his cock into her mouth.

He was silent, but his eyes were rapidly opening and closing. When they were opened, you could see them rolling in their sockets. I laughed when his friend said, “This is hot man, I can’t believe it’s happening.”

I should have warned them that my wife needed to suck at least one cock every couple of hours or so, but this was too much fun. Shaking my head, I thought to myself, I just couldn’t take her anywhere.

The guy just stood there, knees weak, holding on to the rack for support. Then he got a strange look on his face and it was obvious that he was cumming and that Georgette hidden in the clothes was slurping up his cum.

He was still holding on to the rack and managing to stand up straight when Georgette’s head popped out from between the clothes. With a big smile, she motioned the other guy to her trap.

With a big grin, he rushed forward and took up his position while his friend and I faked talking so as to not attract store personnel.

With remarkable dexterity, she started to unsnap and unzip his jeans so his enormous erection could spring free.

“Oh my god, this one is hung,” uttered Georgette lustful.

He nearly gasped out loud as Georgette started to lovingly kiss the side of his cock.

As he moaned, “Uuuugh,” in sudden pleasure, she started to lick the length of his cock with long strokes, obviously aware of and enjoying, the effect she was having on this stranger.

Her red tongue danced slowly up and down his swollen cock, teasing him, unleashing his passions.

Suddenly, boldly, Georgette encircled the head of his cock with her moist, full lips. The magnitude of the unexpected pleasure seemed to be too much for her new friend to bear. Franticly he thrust wildly with his hips, driving his shaft deep into her mouth.

Then she started working her magic on his cock with her hands and mouth. The guy almost lost his balance several times, but he hung on to the rack and stayed erect. It took over fifteen minutes for Georgette to coax his cum from the treasured cock in her mouth but finally she did, it was all he could do to hold in his moans and groans.

Then one of the salesmen came over. “So what is going on here guys?” he asked suspiciously. He couldn’t see Georgette, even though he was very close to the place where Georgette was down on her knees.

We all smiled, “Oh nothing, just talking.”

“Well, you need to move on okay, no loitering.”

Then he gave a startled look,

“What the hell?” is all he said as he looked down at Georgette lowering his zipper. “What the fuck,” he stammered, “Now, what the fuck?”

We were trying not to laugh too loud but Georgette had managed to get his cock out and was gazing, dreamlike, at his erection.

Slowly, Georgette reached for it and wrapped her fingers around it.

With hypnotic fascination she stroked it lovingly, caressing its length. After a few moments, she withdrew her hand and before he knew what was happening, she slipped his cock into her mouth. We laughed because his cock in her mouth was now keeping him quiet.

We could see him weaken as she took care of his cock.

He finally almost melted when he unloaded into her hot mouth.

Then her head poked out of the clothes, “Come on honey,” she said to me, “You need to do something about that erection too.”

I stepped up and she expertly took care of my hard cock.

And not a minute too soon.  It had been that way for well over the half hour that I’d spent watching these men get relief from her magic mouth.

She finally stood up, her shorts were soaked with her pussy juice and her wife-beater t-shirt was showing her very hard nipples and her face was flushed red from her pleasure.

As she smiled at all the guys, the salesman looked at her, and breathless said, “Damn lady, you’re hot.”

“Then I can come here anytime and shop for cock?” she asked him innocently.

“Sure,” he told her.

“Good, what days do you work?”

He told her and she said, “I’ll be back then, make sure you have lots of customers for me to suck.”

“Lady, half the fucking store employees will be here for you.”

“Great, lets go,” as she took my hand and lead me towards the exit. “I wanna go to Sears now.”   ”Okay Babe,”

As we got to the other end of the mall and we walked into the Sears, we saw immediately that they were having a big sale and that the men’s department was really busy.

Georgette’s eyes literally glazed over with lust at the sight of all those good lucking guys in one place. With a husky voice, she murmured, “See ya later,” as she hurried away towards her quarry.

“Damn,” I thought with a chuckle, “I can’t take you anywhere.”